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Varchild2008 (83.79)

Fear Bots to miss out on (F) Ford share price rebound today!



September 03, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: F

Yesterday's Scaredy Cat, Fear Bots, dumping shares of (F) Ford....selling out and slamming the stock to $6.87 inspite of there being nothing but a huge string of positives for FORD are going to miss out on the (F) Ford rally.

Hey.. I admit when I am wrong... I was wrong at least *short term* with Stereotaxis (STXS) whose share price is stuck at a 3 handle now.  Medical devices are still in recession mode.  I still stand by STXS as a good long term investment.  Only time will tell if I will have to admit I am wrong on STXS from a long term perspective if we get no recovery in 2010 for that sector.

But, the automotive sector is on the mend....evidence of that was seen months before C4C program.

Alan Mullaly declared 2011 as profitability target and did so NOT factoring in some silly C4C program that lasted a whole whopping 1 month.  Those who think C4C is just going to steal sales for FORD.... What? Steal Sales??  People that participated were the *desperate* crowd who badly needed to upgrade their vehicles or risk having their vehicle become inoperable.

The shopping crowd that trades their vehicles every 5-6 years didn't participate in C4C.  They are biding their time still....they will trickle in...That crowd is still there... Plenty of people I know that want a car did not participate in C4C.

When I pay off my own car I want to trade it in for the 2010 SHO.  I expect by the end of this year to have my car completely paid off.  So roughly January 2010 is when I will make my own CAR purchase.

I mean good grief?    Anyone read the positive news in FORD Canada?  3 months straight of sales gains?  market share gains?  The whole car company with any gains????

People love the products that FORD sells.. They are superior to a whole lot of what's out there.

That is why when Scaredy Cats dump their STAKES..... Varchild buys em up.  I now have over half a thousand shares of (F).

I can't wait for the next PANIC so I can buy more.

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#1) On November 10, 2009 at 9:05 PM, BrandonPaulChevy (< 20) wrote:

Well people really love ford cars because they produce quality ford parts. I just hope they will not be bankrupted totally.

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