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Fear, hate, and retribution.



May 04, 2010 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: AM.DL2 , CRIS

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. I've gotten myself worked up over trolls in my own blog posts and political lies in the blog posts of others.

Why do I do this?  I think it's 2 reasons. (fear and hate)

I fear that naive individuals will buy into the political rhetoric of the other side because they are better salesman. I hate that most people aren't educated enough to realize that they are being sold a bill of goods.

The problem seems to be that it's a never ending cycle! Once the public realizes that they were sold a bill of goods that wasn't delivered, their only choice for retribution is to pick the opposite party that lied to them before this party got into power.  

I think that's starting to change. The lies are compounding a lot faster than they used to. Soon the public will turn against both parties. 

"Read my lips! No new taxes!" LIE!

"I did not have sexual relations!" LIE!

"I did not Inhale" LIE!

Bill Clinton wrote an entire book entitled "My Lies", his Vice President wrote an entire book of lies called "An Inconvenient Truth" 

"I do not believe in nation building!" LIE!

"In Texas, I'm signing up children for  the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) as fast as any other state!" LIE!

"My Great Uncle  was a member of the 89th Infantry Division that liberated the Ohrduf camp, part of Buchenwald!" LIE! His great uncle was in the Navy.

"My grandfather signed up for a war the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, fought in Patton's army. He saw the dead and dying across the fields of Europe; he heard the stories of fellow troops who first entered Auschwitz and Treblinka."  LIE! His grandfather signed up 6 1/2 months after Pearl Harbor.

"My father was brought to America along with others by a 'President Kennedy Airlift.' " LIE! His father came over before Kennedy was President.

"I'm not going to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year. LIE!

"We're going to post every bill on the internet for 5 days before passing it to give the public a chance to see it!"  LIE!

I'm doing this from memory, so the quotes aren't exact and I've made it appear like the more recent politicians have lied more, but I'm pretty confident though that the 4 quoted Presidents above have lied pretty equally. The problem is that with these 4 Presidents, the lies have compounded to the point that voters are looking elsewhere.

What will happen?

Voters are going to look for any candidate not in the 2 major parties. 

I've got to overcome my fear of the salesman, because they perpetuate the party lies and increase the chance of eventual retribution. I can't hate the undereducated for being undereducated, because it's not by choice in most cases. Eventually most voters will figure out that neither party is doing them any favors.

I have to let the political bubble burst.

I'm not going to do much different than before, other than trying to stay calmer. Given some of the political garbage that's out there, I can't guarantee that though! ;) 

This post might not have helped anyone else, but it sure helped me to put my thoughts down in print.






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#1) On May 04, 2010 at 1:20 AM, whereaminow (< 20) wrote:

Here's one:

5. Does the Constitution permit a president to detain US citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants?

[Obama in 2008]:  No. I reject the Bush Administration's claim that the President has plenary authority under the Constitution to detain U.S. citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants.

Obama in 2010:  The President has the authority to assassinate a U.S. citizen without charges.

Wow, now that's one heck of a lie!

David in Qatar

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#2) On May 04, 2010 at 1:25 AM, ChrisGraley (28.65) wrote:

Yep that's a big honker of a lie there David!

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#3) On May 04, 2010 at 2:15 AM, ralphmachio (< 20) wrote:

The way I see it, The chances of Bill Clinton and George W Bush and Barak Obama having a few beers together are much better than any of us sitting down and having a beer with any of them. Plain and simple- it's us vs. them, and in some instances, who started it is blurry. In this instance, the only thing that blurs the picture is the average mans sub-conscious self defense mechanisms which only make him feel right if he is following droves of other imbeciles of like mind. Knock that crap out of your mind, and it becomes clear as day- we are under quiet, patient attack by a pre-emptive bunch of trigger happy power mongers.

By the way guys, how are those $10,000 hammers and toilet seats holding up? Just wondering...

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#4) On May 04, 2010 at 10:51 AM, leohaas (29.83) wrote:

OK, so you have figured out that politicians on both sides lie, and that people are gullible.

Any reason to think that candidates outside the two parties are different, and that voters will wise up? I sincerely hope you are right, but somehow I fear you're wrong!

PS. Stop hating. It has never brought any good change...

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#5) On May 04, 2010 at 11:31 AM, lemoneater (57.10) wrote:

I'm tired of politicians period. My husband thinks that many politicians decided on that career track because they were unsuited for any other profession. (Sometimes one wonders.) 

If we could genuinely find a statesmen, I would be thrilled. I tend to agree with leohaas on this. It seems like all politicians are dishonest regardless of political affiliation.

If Chris is hating dishonesty and greed, then he can go on hating. It is right to hate evil things.

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