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July 11, 2012 – Comments (0)


So,  if China's economic numbers come out miserable worries at all as long as there's FEDHOPING for STIMULUS!!!

It's like better than Crack....It's FEDHOPING!!!   

Unemployment numbers bad??? not a problem for the rallying stock market as long as Wall Streeters continue to FEDHOPE for stimulus!!!!!  FEDHOPE for QE3..QE4....Operation Twist 2....Operation Twist 3....

Autosales come out surprisingly bad????   Pshhhhhh.....FEDHOPING to the rescue!!!

How does one FEDHOPE??    You just sit around looking over Fed Minutes....hoping and hoping and hoping and hoping for more STIMULUS......STIMULUS is awesome!!!!

When President Obama was Inaugurated we were at 7.8% unemployment.  Today we are stuck at 8.2% despite all kinds of STIMULUS QE programs and Operation Twisters......Despite pouring $800 billion in a STIMULUS PACKAGE marketed out as a Recovery Act...

Does Wall Street even care about the end results of the Stimulus giving us a WORSE economy?

Of course not.... Ben Bernanke doesn't care......Timothy Geithner doesn't care...... It isn't about *fixing* the economy with STIMULUS cause you can not do so...  It is simply about keeping the Stock Market from plummeting ahead of the General Election.

How do you keep the stock market from DROPPING????  Simple....You PUMP.....PUMP.....PUMP......PUMP.....PUMP.....the market with an influx of cash handed to Banks at 0% interest to be used to buy up Index effectively bolster the DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ with counterfeit cash printed out by the FED.

And so Wall Street Bulls look at this *STIMULUS* thing and know that it means the stock market has a chance to bubble upward regardless if the economy absolutely crashes due to all the artificial pumping the FED is doing.

It's simple.....  The news tomorrow could be that the entire state of California has now declared bankruptcy......The Dali Lama has suffered a stroke.....and IRAN just launched a test NUKE at Israel....

And it won't matter.....MARKET UP DO TO STIMULUS!!!!     YAY STIMULUS!!!!

So we've seen countless trading days where a drop is eased.....or a Rally occurs despite the bad manufacturing data.....or a Rally off of NO NEWS occurs simply because of FEDHOPING.

It's more addictive to Wall Streeters to FEDHOPE than to DOPE.

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