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December 27, 2012 – Comments (0)

22nd Century Group is using it's extensive patent protected portfolio to develop safer (modified risk) cigarettes and develop a product to aid in cigarette smoking cessation.

22nd Century is a microcap that trades OTC xxii.  22nd Century Group owns or exclusively controls 102 patents in 78 countries where at least 75% of the world’s smokers reside – plus an additional 38 pending worldwide patent applications. In the U.S., the world’s most valuable smoking cessation market, the Company owns exclusive rights to 14 issued patents and 7 patent applications. In China, the world’s largest cigarette market, the Company owns exclusive rights to 5 issued patents and 3 patent applications

22nd Century is an interesting potential 'hidden gem' and 'rule breaker' all in one.  This post is not an endorsement for cigarette smoking.  In fact,  this company is working to develop cigarette which aims to minimize exposure to harmful substances associated with inhaled tobacco products (  and intends to take it further with developing a prescription cigarette (yes, you read that correctly) to assist with cigarette smoking cessation.  ( 

22nd Century is committed to developing and commercializing: (i) consumer-acceptable reduced risk tobacco products and (ii) a prescription-based smoking cessation aid consisting of a kit of very low nicotine (VLN) cigarettes.

While it is thinly traded,  I feel their is tremendous upside and I currently hold shares. 

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