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alstry (< 20)

Finally, Alstry Will Slow Down His Blogging



November 08, 2010 – Comments (7)

Thanks to Donner........and me always up for a challenge.....

Alstry promises to slow down blogging as he is starting a new website devoted to quality blogging and global news.

The site will be called Global Trends and Blog News at

I will track global trends through domestic and international mainstream news outlets and blogs in a format not too different than my Alstry blog...... by simply providing links to important issues of the day.  Expect to see headlines from more Chinese and Indian news outlets than you might be used to seeing.

I will bounce the trends off of four key members of the Institute of Alstrynomics....a PhD Phsyicist with over 10 patents in his name specializing in failure probability, a retired nurosurgeon having accumulated over $100 million dollars of real estate in his lifetime and extensively travelled the world...both above and below the water, a former Navy pilot and current airline captain trained to make life and death decisions absent emotion, and yours truly, a former attorney with litigation experience both as a plaintifff and counsel and one who loves focusing on the FACTS.

The most exciting part of this is I expect a number of my buddies at Motley Fool will make it onto the site as the content here is very rich and often a lot better than much of what the msm puts spelling mistakes please as I will be the spelling you know;)...and I will simply link to your blog by title or summary of the content....I will pay special attention not to infringe on any copyright issues.....and basically link to your post.

I have found important trends can be identified early by simply tracking news and blogs around the world...hopefully this can lead to good investment or other ideas for all of us.....before the rest of the crowd finds out.

As you guys are sorta my digital family....any input, comments, or guidance is always encouraged and appreciated......even from my buddy Donner.....

Since I will be focusing energy filling the site with rich content, I will cut down my blogging at Fool dramatically..... and my guess is a number of posts from Fool will appear on the site....and you can be assured ....., !!!!!!, and ????? will be kept to a it will be very a different style than Alstry.

I owe a lot to the Gardner Bros...especially for slamming them so much lately.....and this is my way of paying them back by hopefully driving more traffic to Fool. 

I expect key trends going forward will center around the Fed, commodities, peak consumption, sustainability, employment, social unrest, energy, digital advancements, innovation, preventative healthcare, and who knows what will arise as the future become the present......

I look forward to doing more reading and less blogging.....and look forward to spotting the trends as we move through life together.

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#1) On November 09, 2010 at 1:17 AM, oshiri (< 20) wrote:

Comrade Alstrymous . . .

     Didn't we lament the real Alstry's passing in January?


Now some call you Prince Sempai 

Can't speak a word when you're full of blues 

Say you'll be all right come tomorrow 

But tomorrow might not be here for you

I know I been there before 

One little problem that confronts you 

Got a monkey on your back 

Just one more post, Lord might do the trick 

One hell of a price for you to get your kicks

You're just a Fool, just a Fool, just a Fool 

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#2) On November 09, 2010 at 2:46 AM, awallejr (28.16) wrote:

I'll believe it when I see it.

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#3) On November 09, 2010 at 6:40 AM, JerseyShoreGirl (< 20) wrote:

Alstry!  I doubt you'll be slowing down on your blogging, but I'm happy to hear you are channeling your energy into something that could make a big impact. 

I think there's a huge opportunity right now for Alternative News sites since MSM is dying on the vine.  I no longer watch the TV and I pretty much rely on alternative sites for news ... and I love to hear other people's insights because it opens up my mind.

When you say 'trends' do you mean like Celente? 

Here are a few examples of guys who just started a few months ago and have really taken off ... both of these guys do either blogtalkradio and/or blogtv shows too ... and of course, youtube channels.

Best of luck .. and I applaud you for getting the truth out there!


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#4) On November 09, 2010 at 6:49 AM, JerseyShoreGirl (< 20) wrote:

oh, for excellent source of housing stories .. sign up for this guy's daily e-mail (free), which has at least 15-20 links to stories re. housing and financial news .. he consistently sends it out every m-f .. he started his blog in '05, warning of the bubble ...


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#5) On November 09, 2010 at 7:38 AM, OneLegged (< 20) wrote:

"Can't speak a work when you're full of 'ludes."

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#6) On November 09, 2010 at 7:51 AM, cthomas1017 (98.52) wrote:

A man is only as good as his word and alstry's word is worthless.

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#7) On November 09, 2010 at 9:10 AM, JerseyShoreGirl (< 20) wrote:

cthomas ... actions speak louder than words, imo.

alstry, Beck is doing a show on Soros (the 'puppetmaster') tonight ... did you know Beck launched a new website recently ..   stories re. Soros on there today, saying he's betting against the US and hoping for a world govt .... not saying I put all of my faith in Beck, just interested in what he's reporting right now.

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