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Finally bearish @ S&P 1823



December 20, 2013 – Comments (3)

Holy bull market. Even the 10 Billion dollar tapper hasn't put a damper on the market. Economy is improving. Congress is working together. Everything is good. That is why I am finally bearish. This is short term least for the next 6 months. I think there could be a pull back to about 1685. That being said I am fully invested. 100% stocks. I always am. There are always deals out there. The only names I really like right now are..... IBM, WFC, LUK, WMT, IMO, LH and NOV. Things I would stay away from. As I have mention before.... anything to do with bonds. Like stocks there are always mispriced bonds out there but as a whole I would stay away.

Long IBM and WFC

Note: timing the market is about impossible I could be totally wrong that is why I buy and sell stocks relative to price and what I think they are worth.... it is much easier that way and none of it is emotion driven, a guessing game, chart driven or done by market timing...... good luck all

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#1) On December 29, 2013 at 1:31 PM, JohnCLeven (30.23) wrote:

No love for BRK.B at 1.3x BV or MKL at 1.2x BV?

Or PM?

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#2) On December 30, 2013 at 3:08 PM, valuemoneygreen (52.38) wrote:

Hah. Of course. Both BRK.B and MKL are decent at those evalutions. I just listed a few.  :) I like the names I listed a little more than BRK.B and MKL though. Looong term BRK.B might be the best bet. 10+ years.

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#3) On December 30, 2013 at 3:15 PM, valuemoneygreen (52.38) wrote:

I did add MKL to my caps page in August. It is already up 10.6% since I picked it. Stuff just isn't as cheap as it was. But a few things out there are still better than cash.

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