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Financials Review December 6th



December 07, 2010 – Comments (3)

By Frank LaMantia

Concerns about debt issues overseas seem to be applying pressure on the market place. Major European indices are currently down while the Nikkei fell 0.11%. The Euro is down to $1.33 and yield prices on Spanish bonds are growing, which might be an indicator to future issues. The higher yields go and spreads widen the more likely fear may have set in Spain. The main concern is the size of the bailout for Eurozone. There is uncertainty if it will grow or not which could keep the market surpassed unless other economic data is announced. Bernanke mentioned that there is room for more quantitative easing beyond the $600 billion that has been imposed. He also mentioned he is not worried about inflation and that he can increase rates in literally 15 minutes. This trader has a question for Mr. Bernanke! What if inflation goes unnoticed due to new regulation or overconfidence? Typically one does not make assumptions in economics or take past results and make assumptions. It was also mentioned that employment would take 4-5 years to grow at a steady rate. Municipal bonds are being closely watched as deficits grow and bonds come due. For example, the NJ Turnpike Authority is bringing $1.5 billion to the market. (1)

Tuesday consumer credit will be announced which the market expects to be down -2.3 billion. On Wednesday mortgage applications and crude inventories may catch some attention during the day. Applications were down -16.5% at last announcement and crude inventories was 1.07 million. Thursday initial, continuing jobless claims and whole sale inventories will be announced. Initial claims are expected to come in around 430,000 and continuing claims to be 4,250,000. Wholesale inventories are expected to come in around 0.8%. Friday the 10th should be a busy day as trade balance numbers, imports & exports, Michigan Sentiment, and the Treasury budget will be announced. The trade balance is set to be down 44.5 billion while exports to be up 0.7%, and exports to also be up 0.3%. Michigan Sentiment is predicted to be up slightly from last announcement 0.9% to 72.5%. The Treasury budget is expected to grow 13.7 billion bringing the number down to around – 134.0 billion. (2)


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#1) On December 07, 2010 at 2:10 AM, goalie37 (89.08) wrote:

Thanks for the data.

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