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Flexible and transparent supercapacitor: For energy storage devices, thin is in



November 12, 2012 – Comments (0)

Very cool stuff, check out the videos in the link


Flex­ible and trans­parent super­ca­pac­itor: For energy-storage devices, thin is in (w/ Video)
November 12, 2012 by Angela Herring

Using their novel carbon nanocup material, Yung Joon Jung and Hyunyoung Jung have developed a supercapacitor that is both flexible and transparent.

(—Cell phones as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper. Energy-storing house paint. Roll-up touch screen displays. These are the sorts of devices that the engineering industry is preparing for and expecting. But if any of them is to work, said Northeastern University mechanical and industrial engineering professor Yung Joon Jung, experts also need to create a thin and flexible energy-storage system. His lab has developed such a system.

In a recently published article in the journal Scientific Reports, Jung and colleagues from Northeastern and Rice University presented their design of a flexible and transparent supercapacitor, a device that stores energy as an electrical field instead of a chemical reaction, as batteries do. As such, it is a prime energy-storage candidate for the thin, flexible devices of the future.

The technology is based on a nanomaterial developed in Jung's lab two years ago, which they call a nanocup. One of the perceived advantages of nanotubes, Jung explained, is the potential to fill them with other materials, such as electrolyte in the case of a supercapacitor. The inner capacity of nanotubes has turned out to be too small to achieve this capability, "but if you have a cup," Jung said, pointing to his own coffee mug, "you can put anything in it you want."

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