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August 28, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AKAM , C , AOBID

It had to be, because I really am too new to this to make predictions with any accuracy.  If you have a pulse and follow stocks at all you know that Citi killed it today, closing above $5 to finish up just over 9%.  Pre-market trading is up nearly an additional 2%, hovering around $5.15.  This, along with a healthy gain at AOB pulled my portfolio into the positive today despite a decent drop on GNBT and two small losses on WM and AKAM.  It would be nice to have more clarity on my portfolio as I only really feel like I have a decent grasp on what Citi may do on a day to day basis.  I'm left sifting through news articles and feeling lost on the rest of my portfolio as seemingly good news sends them lower and vice versa.  I want to chalk it up to a temporary hiatus of rationality in the markets but I can't.  AKAM was getting punished today in early trading for no apparent reason when bulls stepped in and scooped up the bargain, so there is some rationality left, it just seems inconsistent.


I'd also like to ask the few people who check my posts to turn me on to some other stocks.  I currently only follow 19 stocks, most of which I've placed picks on (I follow a couple of penny stocks that I can't throw into the mix), but there are several industries where I have nothing (mining, shipping, any heavy industry really).  My own process involves hearing of a company and adding it to my track list.  I read over the financials with my limited lenses, and if it seems to be good I follow it for a bit.  If I get a steady stream of news and am able to gather outside opinion, I'll keep following it.  If it looks like a dog or I can't find any information on it, I drop it.  What should I know about that I don't?

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