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lquadland10 (< 20)

Followup on Debt to GDP and dissing Alstry and others.



December 08, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL

Abit Dwot and Alstry have been warning you. The national debt is now 85.37057. This coming year as I was listing to I can't remember her name Meradith Whitney???? She said the states and citys are under so much pressure. They are about 12% of GDP. If you take out what they add to GDP then this coming year Debt to GDP will be 97.37057% by my estamation. Not to mention how much more the National Debt will be and the Interest payments.  More for the troope surge but I want them all home. I am selfish that way.  More for unenployment Soon to be more for health care food and what not. A 50% increase in gasoline alone from last year and the FED sees no inflation. Ha HA Ha... Total US interest paid to FED is 1,778,727,847,728 and counting. The years budget is so far this year is 12,091,063,838,904. The numbers are flying. This american is taped out. The tree I was going to buy is going to buy 6 books for the USO that our store is partnering with this year. They will send a book over seas to our troups and they will read the book to their child as they make a DVD, Then they will send the book and DVD back to the child at home so Mom or Dad will be with them while they read. I have bought 30 books so far and now I can get 6 more. Children will have a part of their parent with them. The games I got at the first of the year on sale are going to the Marines Toys for Tots. Yipeeee I will have room in my livingroom again for a little while. All is good. Merry Christmas my fools. Thank you for helping me get through another year.

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