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Food Crisis - Distribution problem?



April 30, 2008 – Comments (0)

Financial Times has a good post on the world food crisis.  The article ties in how energy prices affect food, so with high energy prices food prices are likely to remain higher.

What I don't see in the article is the interrelationship between agriculture and water.  Certainly switching diets to more grains and less meats would feed more people, however, because of water issues I think we are entering an era of corrections, serious corrections.  

The Great Lakes are such that ships have load 10% less so they don't hit bottom.  Florida's land mass is sinking as the under ground water reserves empty.  Hoover Dam isn't daming a lot of water any more.  Right now there is emergency construction happening to lower the intake water pipes for Las Vegas as the rate Lake Mead is declining means that potentially in 1-2 years the existing intake pipes are above the water level.  The glaciers that covered Mt Shasta are almost gone. 

You look at many municipalities and water issues are serious.  

I have a couple pictures of Hoover Dam on my Petri Dish Plant post I did in December.  I never did find the photos I took of Mt Shasta, but I did find a couple to post.  The pictures I took show the water level something like 20 meters lower.

This year has been a colder year than most.  To me that means that snow packs should be up and low reserviours ought to have a chance to recover some.  I would hope that the Mt Shasta area is showing an improvement.  If it isn't the entire California argiculture industry is at huge risk.  Well, water levels are declining such that the risk is already there.

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