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alstry (< 20)

Fools Just Didn't Understand Alstry



October 24, 2010 – Comments (7)

The premise of the Alstry blog was simple..

...basically our entire financial system was a fraud being perpetrated from Wall Street and supported or forced upon many of our influential government leaders in Washington......screw em...most of them are a bunch of egomaniacal self absorbed zombies anyway......

really pretty simple if you think about most frauds or Ponzi Schemes are.......but what happens is people get sucked into trusting the individual or organization and rests on emotion over facts and common sense.....

and when the organization as taken over control of the mainstream media and your key government officials...believing it is a fraud becomes almost too difficult for most to conceive.....

That is why I created Alstry.....the character that posts FACT after FACT after FACT....with really not too much analysis......just repeating pretty much the same theme day after day after day.....the truth about layoffs, closures, and just the easy to observe trend of America shutting down

While the Gardner Bros and other "gurus" try to CONvince you differently.......

In that time of my blogging we have seen the Former President of Nasdaq.....with a son-in-law seated comfortably at the SEC.....the man beyond reproach and a character supported by men of high character strining miles long....reveal he was nothing more than a fraud running a Ponzi Scheme for 30 years.....and a really big one at that.....

and as Wall Street is now unwinding its fraud.....we have seen scores of other frauds/Ponzi Schemes float to the surface as our nation shuts down........


My role is simply to prepare you for that day of reckoning...and to prepare will come....all frauds/Ponzi Schemes come to an end one way or the other.....I am just not exactly sure when....but I know it is a lot closer

It is simply there has NEVER been one this large to ever confront humanity before......and we will all be victimized by it...all over the world.....including yours truly..........

Now our country, and much of Europe, is shutting down....we will see millions of layoffs in just healthcare and government employment alone.....people will get upset....some will act irrationally....but not you my fellow Alstrynomics will have KNOWN this was coming......

you will have been bombarded and emboldened by the will be numb to the will KNOW it's not your fault despite what they tell was just that we were all caught up in the hype.....including Alstry, but he just saw it earlier than most.......

In the end, it will probably be good for humanity...both our value system and fiancial deals will be suck it up.......and don't get sucked in......

You are now above the fray........

BIDEN: GOP spending $200 billion on campaign ads...

You think you have this kind of influence on Politicians and the media???

If it could happen to Bernie's clients, it could happen to you.........and when it does, you are now prepared.

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#1) On October 24, 2010 at 7:44 PM, JerseyShoreGirl (< 20) wrote:

Yes Alstry, you may have prepared us mentally .. but if you want more info on preparing (prepping) check out this guy .. his channel is totally devoted to helping people prepare for when TSHTF 

Preparing and Survival In The City .. Part I (of 3)

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#2) On October 24, 2010 at 11:01 PM, BillyTG (29.59) wrote:


 I've been pushing similar information as you to family, friends, and on the internets.  I'm justestimating here, but I'd say that maybe 10% believe it and act on it.  People that have known me my whole life and trust me think I'm a little "out there" for saying that we are in a longterm depression, that there has been no real recovery, that they should consider converting at least a little to PMs, that maybe they should stock up on food, water, and alternate power.

Most people write it off. Those that do believe me usually do not act on it.  To me, it shows how conformative our population (and people in general) is.  If they heard Lindsey Lohan talk about this, or Oprah, or Obama, or the hosts of The View, Costco shelves would be bare within hours.  Generator production would have back orders.  Gold prices would jump.

It is the most frustrating and incredible phenomenon I can recall experiencing.   No matter how much evidence you throw at people, they REFUSE to believe it.  The system, the propaganda, has been so effective for so long that they know no other way of thinking.  They will call you crazy or kooky, or a gold bug, or a conspiracy theorist, or a bear. 

The Matrix movie, with its blue pill or red pill, is soooo fitting.  Once people allow themselves to look deeper, to take that plunge, their eyes are opened up to a world they never knew.  It is painful.  They will be in denial, then angry, then depressed, then acceptance---all the typical Kubler-Ross psychological symptoms.  

FACTS DO NOT MATTER TO MOST PEOPLE!  Here's another study proving just this point.  alstry, this is the source of your angst.  People are psychologically incapable of accepting truth that flips everything they have forever believed on its head.  Yet, that is where we are. 

You're up against beliefs (what they consider "absolute truths") like these:

-The US has flaws but is the most benevolent nation in history

-The US standard of living is so high because Americans work the hardest

-The US often gets abused by evil and manipulative entities like China and Al Queda and communists

-The US stock markets ALWAYS go up in the long term

-The US would never, ever do anything to manipulate Americans

-The US would never, ever, ever do anything that kills Americans

-The US never leaves soldiers behind

-The US is the most free country on Earth, has the most liberty, and Americans can do whatever they want

-The US always recovers from economic downturns stronger than ever

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#3) On October 24, 2010 at 11:03 PM, dragonLZ (86.97) wrote:

Alstry, just the fact that your rating is 3333 right now (exactly half of the 6666) is a proof enough you are the chosen one - the one who's going to warn us about the coming end of the world (as we know it).

p.s. Everybody knows 666 is bad omen. One can just imagine how bad 6666 must be...

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#4) On October 24, 2010 at 11:23 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


Notice I NEVER deviate from the FACTS.......

It is what drives people crazy.....FACTS have no emotion.......if you notice few attack Alstry blogs on the merits....most attacks are personal attacks on Alstry or distortions on the facts presented....

As far as people go.....don't let them bother you.....surround yourself with quality people....regardless of always win in the end......

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#5) On October 24, 2010 at 11:33 PM, BillyTG (29.59) wrote:

Errol Morris: "Truth is not relative....It may be elusive or hidden.  People may wish to disregard it.  But there is such a thing as truth."


alstry, I know.  That's what is so unnerving about this! You can tell fact after fact after fact. You can take all their beliefs and prove how ridiculous they are, and show them mountains of evidence to the contrary.  And they will accept their beliefs over truth.  Maybe it's pride, maybe it's stubborness, maybe it's a desire to not be wrong, maybe it's a psychological block that won't allow them to accept their deepest fears that everything they've ever been told and taught is a big charade.  

@dragonLZ, good eye to catch that at this moment!

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#6) On October 24, 2010 at 11:49 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

It is very difficult for people to accept their own matter how clearly you put the facts in front of them...

history is replete with examples...

but, in the end, there are always a few who care and also see

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#7) On October 25, 2010 at 12:10 PM, ResearchLover (66.38) wrote:

If you can't trust a stand-up individual, then you can't hire workers, and you can't rely on anybody but yourself.

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