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For you Week End Viewing: Schiff, Faber, Julian Robertson, Ron Paul and Woods.



September 25, 2009 – Comments (0)

MY COMMENT: In general, Fools need to be doing the opposite of anything the cooperate media promotes.  In the last couple weeks, they have had almost all of my favorites on these shows and actually giving these truth tellors significant air time.  It might be due to the fact most Americans no longer consider corperate news credible sourse and are using the internet and blogsphere more and more. However, we might be approaching a shift...not sure exactly why they are giving them air time now. It is an omnious sign. In the back of my mind, I am expecting a dollar rally.

What do you Fools think? Is CNBC trying to become credible or setting Fools for a bad trade?

Julian Robertson Discusses The US Debt And Upcoming Inflation Expectations

Some gloomy predictions direct from the horse's mouth (how did CNBC allow such a bear on? No prescreening of hedge fund manager guests?).

"it is almost armegedon if Japanesse and Chinesse don't buy our debt...we are totally dependent on the Japanesse and Chinesse"


Schiff on Fast Money:

Faber on 23 SEP 09

America has mortgaged its Future Marc Faber

Buy Stocks Because U.S. Dollars Will Be Worthless Marc Faber 22 Sept 2009


BONUS: Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 9/23/09: "The Fed is there to accommodate the politicians."

Woods on Campaign for Liberty


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