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Fox News Suicide Watch



October 24, 2009 – Comments (28)

Today, Oct 23rd Fox storyteller John Stossel, who we shall refer to as uknucklehead, penned an article with the emotionally charged title of ‘Congress Proposes More Fraud? And then goes on to tell me in the very first paragraph that the $8000 First Time Home Buyers tax Credit is “wracked with fraud”. Personally, when I see a question mark at the end of the sentence, it tells me the author doesn’t know diddly, but the truth is uknucklehead doesn’t report that Congress Proposes More Fraud, they merely suggest you reach that conclusion. In fact uknucklehead could have written the very same article with the title ‘FTHBC almost Fraud Free?’ or “it’s Not Really All That Bad” or “We Don’t Know Crap Until the IRS Audits Those Returns But That Doesn’t Stop Us From Reporting Government is Bad Even Though Government Uncovered Whatever Fraud We Will Report”.

Uknucklehead tells us:

Yesterday, the Treasury’s Inspector General told congress that 580 kids, some as young as four, had qualified as homeowners. There were 19,300 claims for houses that hadn't actually been purchased. 74,000 claims where the applicant appeared to have owned a home within the last three years, hardly making them “first time” homebuyers.  Skipping the Kiddie Krime for now, uknucklehead could have reported that 74,000 claims where the applicant appeared to have a home, one red flag that makes them suspicious, not guilty, of fraud was claiming a mortgage interest deduction. Perhaps, in a Country of 310 million, with a 50% divorce rate, there really are 74,000 people who are claiming a mortgage interest deduction on a house that is their ex’s primary residence, not their own. I bet there are a lot of people in this country who get to claim a mortgage interest tax deduction on a house that has not been their primary residence for the last three years. I bet you even know a dozen or so. It is one of the quirks of US law that I hope you never learn, but half of you will. Should the Treasury Inspector General advise the IRS to check those returns? Sure, but I am guessing there is not a very high percentage of genuine fraud there. As the Inspector General testified and uknucklehead failed to include While these entries indicate home ownership, the homes involved may or may not have been the taxpayers’ principal residences, so the deductions do not automatically disqualify the taxpayers from receiving the First-Time Homebuyer Credit. However, we believe they warrant scrutiny by the IRS.

The Inspector General also found that of those 70,000 returns, 12,000 also claimed the Residential Energy Tax Credit in the last three years. Those claims are either guilty now or guilty then. So we have 12,000 cases of tax fraud uncovered by the diligent work of the IRS and the Inspector Generals Office, who suckered those dirtbags in with the bait of a bigger payday and then dropped the hammer on them. See note #16 for the credit to the IRS agents.

Then there was Kiddie Krime and the 580 kids under the age of 18 that applied for the FTHBC are going to get a stern talking to, because Gov’t caught them, and they are going to get a few more Kiddies too. I’m guessing these a bunch of these kiddies have also been adding to their IRA’s,  with Mommy and Daddy’s money, not their own but we’ll see. And these potential perpetual tax dodgers have now been uncovered by taking their greed one tax dodge opportunity too far. Mommy and Daddy will probably have to pay a few fines and maybe find a new tax preparer. The Inspector General advised the IRS to add age to their FTHBC fraud filters and the IRS agreed to. The IRS’ existing filters only got 160 of those kids.

Finally there were 19,300 houses which hadn’t actually been purchased.  According to the Inspector General’s testimony they all had purchase dates in the future. What percentage of these were criminally fraudulent, or just people who mistakenly thought they had to collect the credit in the same calendar year they were purchasing the home has yet to be determined by an IRS audit. Uknucklehead fails to tell us that the IRS fraud filters also identified 45,000 people who took less than the full credit they were entitled too. It probably a safe conjecture that if 45,000 people took too little by error than 45,000 also took too much by error.  Most of these seem to be confusing Bush’s original $7500 credit with President Obama’s $8000 but there is always room for more mistakes.

It seems to me that with the excellent work done by the IRS fraud filters and the Inspector General in helping them refine those filters, that the IRS will probably do a pretty good job of deciding which individuals are guilty of criminal fraud and will enjoy penalties and interest, and those who are guilty of making a mistake and will enjoy merely receiving or returning money until the correct amount gets paid.

Uknucklehead also tells us - this type of fraud always happens in government programs. The GAO says that 25% of Earned Income Tax Credit money went to people who shouldn't actually have qualified.  And The GAO also reports that 10 percent of unemployment benefits and 10 percent of Medicaid payments are fraudulent.  

I am sure those statements are equally accurate representations of the reports they refer to.  With reporting this bad, eventually Fox's listeners and readers will leave, just as I did.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the IRS and Inspector General for rooting out what appears to be the 1-2% of fraud going on with this program and saving taxpayer’s dollars. I would also like to thank them for the efficient use of filters to do so, further saving taxpayer’s dollars by reducing the manpower needed.

I would also like to advise my fellow Fools to not stretch tax law too far or uknucklehead will be reporting on the IRS catching you next.

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#1) On October 24, 2009 at 6:16 PM, russiangambit (28.86) wrote:

"Free" money always attracts fraud. I have no issue with Fox newsa reporting it. "Free" money perpetuates the expectations of geting something for nothing, which I am generally against because it ownly dumbs people down and makes them easy targets for fraud and unable to deal with reality.

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#2) On October 24, 2009 at 7:11 PM, mawnck (< 20) wrote:

The US Government today announced the allocation of 3.7 billion dollars for the research of how free money makes people dumb.

"It seems counterintuitive that giving someone pieces of paper with Presidents on them could actually lead to a decrease in IQ scores, but according to recent research by the Murdoch Institute of Made Up Stuff, it is happening and happening now," said Dr. Wilhelmina Schwartz of the Liberty University Medical Center. "Some of our test subjects weren't even watching Fox News for 6 hours a day, obviously indicating an inability to find it on their cable remotes. How will they ever be able to deal with reality if it isn't even invented for them? How will they be prepared for the invasion of Alien Socialist Fish People from Kenya?"

An unnamed White House spokesman tried to continue the administration's unwarranted attacks on the prestigious 157-year-old Fox News organization, but was laughing too hard to speak coherently.

More from the Fox News team at the link.

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#3) On October 24, 2009 at 7:38 PM, whereaminow (< 20) wrote:

This is fact checking?  Just because you don't like how something "sounds to you" or is not spun to your liking that doesn't mean you have debunked it.  

David in Qatar

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#4) On October 24, 2009 at 9:34 PM, caterpillar10 wrote:

Used to do a lot of property research....before all the meltdown - a 'normal' market period more or less. I found multiple instances of investment properties - 2nd, 3rd, 7th homes -whatever- listed as 'primary residences' in the same city!  to skate on various city/county fees that are waived for primaries. Not isolated stuff - standard operating procedure for RE investors - they stop at nothing to cut costs - it is all a giant game for them. Just vary the way names/initials/sequence of spouse or kids names ect. appear in public records so no exact computer matches readily made.

Dirt bags were lucky I wasn't working for city/county:) Wasn't brain surgery to read thru screens/printouts and find the stuff. If some of these jurisdictions would simply contract an auditor or 2 to go after it all they could put a nice dent in their budget shortfalls. Or, maybe they just don't care - would rather take the hit than discourage investment. Or gettin' paid.

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#5) On October 24, 2009 at 11:41 PM, devoish (82.57) wrote:


Just because you say I didn't clear up his misleading story line doesn't mean I didn't. Uknucklehead left out 3/4 of the story, just like one of your posts.

Sorry fella's. If uknucklehead wants to write a news story he should write the whole story. It would be his job if he worked for a news station.

In the meantime he doesn't get to portray 100,000 audits as though they are convictions in order to pander to the 'I hate American Government" crowd. It is lazy incompetent work at best, an outright load of crap at worst.  

And since uknucklehead doesn't do the real work of gathering evidence and convicting anybody, then he can wait until the competent people in charge of the investigation do, to write his  story.

My version is a far more accurate portrayal of the facts than his is. And I am not even getting paid.

Whether or not you like how "it sounds to you".


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#6) On October 25, 2009 at 2:20 AM, ajm101 (< 20) wrote:

I think it's worth remembering that Fox's viewers are modestly less informed than the general public.  Daily Show/Colbert Report were the highest.  And it's not a partisan difference - the Oreilly Factor viewers scored highly and were just ahead of NPR listeners, who in turn were just ahead of Limbaugh listeners.  It's just that Fox is terrible.

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#7) On October 25, 2009 at 5:44 AM, fmahnke (67.64) wrote:

Now this post has some real value.  I hadn't seen that Blondie clip in years.

Great gov't, the IRS uncovers fraud created by another dumb gov't program ,  Dumb because like almost everthting this administration does, it is designed to favor one class of citizens,

Great Gov/t reaapoint Benny B,  for starving off the Great Depression II,  Forget about the fact that he did alot to create it and that that he may have just postponed it and made it worse,The Recovery act is working . A trilliion dollars later and U6 at 17%,  this is Great Govt. !!!

Great Gov't,  Criticize Fox, some obscure story and the IQ of its viewers.  Just don't directly address the real news they report on and corruption they uncover.  Surely this is easier than taking on the Van Jones, Mark Loyd or ACORN issues on directly  (Oh, forgot they weren;t aware of the ACORN issue)

Of course all this White House initiatives to attack Fox are really designed to take the attention of of health care .  Don;t focus on the the carve outs, the side deals and the incentives given to certain states over overs.  Focus on how great  job were doing. remember BHO claim of Transperiency, we hope not .

But Americans do rembember and value honesty,  Perhaps this is why everyone seems to agree that more people watch Fox than other station,  They want to know the truth,  stories like the ones mentioned above, even though they have to put up with some partisan BS in order to hear it.

The good and bad news if that BHO and his decitiful tactics, will ultimately end up pushing the progressive movement back 50 years,  He will make conservatism King again.  Funny thing is, it didn;t have to be this way,  We could have really helped american liberalism.  all he had to do was what FOX claims in there motto, be "fair and balanced" of course, honesty goes a long way.   

Personally, I'll be happy to see this group gone, and go it will as approval ratings reflect and incredibly rapid decent in popularity, Like many, I feel decieved and will bemore engaged in politics to defeat the big gov't spenders.  Hopefully, the new American will different than its ever been,  More honest, open and much more concern with fiscally responsible economics

Ron Paul in 2012


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#8) On October 25, 2009 at 5:57 AM, fmahnke (67.64) wrote:

One more thing,  I forgot to give you and IRS credit for a job well done.  Of course you forgot that if the tax code was simpler, there would be less fraud, the IRS could be smaller, and once this monster deficit is reduced along with the sixe of our gov;t, taxes could follow and we the people could prosper once more

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#9) On October 25, 2009 at 8:22 AM, devoish (82.57) wrote:


Did I strike a nerve? It is pretty populist to run around whining about Government this or Gov't that. We get a lot of that here.

You raised a lot of issues in your last reply, none of them really defended uknucklehead's piss poor report though.

And none of  them supported by any evidence either. Just you saying so.

Don't you want to read the testimony uknucklehead's story came from for yourself? Or do you just want to believe a storyteller?

A few posts ago rd80 did an exellent job of not allowing me to post an outlier school district story as though it would be representative of the results from HR676 across the country.

Lets face it here though. According to the testimony given there are less than 10% of the FTHBTC that are even suspicious and raised a red flag. By the time all is said and done there will likely be less than 1% that are criminally fraudulent.

Go pick one of the distractions from the subject of unknucklehead's poor reporting, that are in your reply #7 and go write a post on that. 

Go write a post on the subject of whether or not the FTHBTC is a good idea to begin with, if that floats your boat.

Or find some real evidence that my estimate of the actual fraud is too low and justify the "wracked with fraud" quote in uknuckleheads story.

I don't mind pointing out that you and David have not even tried to do that yet.


I disagree that before the"meltdown" was a normal market period. Are the "investors" you mentioned a subset of the entire homebuyer market and if so how small? I am sure the IRS got some of those perpetual tax dodgers. As to hiring your auditors, it is unneccessary. As I posted from the Inspector Generals testimony, IRS agents flagged many of the questionable returns. They did a good job. I also expect that it will be a long time before Americans will ever again be convinced to elect leadership that discourages the people who work for us, from doing their jobs.

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#10) On October 25, 2009 at 10:06 AM, JibJabs (91.15) wrote:

This kind of thread makes me wish I kept my bong from college.

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#11) On October 25, 2009 at 12:59 PM, ajm101 (< 20) wrote:

To fmahnke -

Devoish didn't say anything about Fox news viewers.  That was me.  And I didn't knock their IQs.  I said they were misinformed on current issues.  And that is because a survey by Pew Research of 1500 adults showed that to be the case.

The ACORN thing is a perfect example.  The voter registration fraud never resulted in any voting fraud, and the voter registration fraud was usually flagged by ACORN itself for election officials (they help prosecute their own employees).   As for the 'pimp' episode, the same people that promote that rarely cover things like this or this, and it's not hard to see where the double standard comes from.

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#12) On October 25, 2009 at 2:37 PM, XtremeNeoCon (< 20) wrote:

I gotta tell ya, "Progressives" make me want to throw up.

The mainstream media has been given a free ride for decades.

Talk about misinformation. SHEESH!

Dateline and rockets under chevy trucks?

CNN and the first Gulf War?

Dan Rather and his manufactured Bush military record?

John Kerry and HIS military record?

Newt Gingrich and the Lincoln Foundation?

Jane Fonda and her entire LIFE?

Jesse Jackson and HIS entire life?

Guns and Mexico?

John Bolton?

Anita Hill?

The Clintons


OBAMA and the slobbering love affair he's enjoying? Credit to Bernie Goldberg for that one.

My gosh, the list is endless when it comes to the REST of the media and the misinformation they've spread all the way back to that lyin ass left wing jerkoff Walter Kronkyte. Most trusted man in America my ass...

Go back through your history books and check HIS facts.

I'm right wing. I'm a conservative. I own guns and a Bible. I can't stand large government. I think we should be drilling our own oil. I wish Social security and welfare would go away. I hate paying taxes. I think taxes are too high and gov is too big. I don't think a tax increase EVER solved a problem. I believe spending is WAY out of control. I believe congress is the most corrupt body IN THE WORLD. I like Dick Cheney. I can't stand George Bush. I'm pro military. I believe we should be killing terrorists anywhere we can find them. I have no problem water boarding terror suspects. I wish I could participate. I want Gitmo left open. I don't believe terrorists OR llegal aliens are entitled to US constitutional rights or tax payer funded health care. I'm pro life for the innocent unborn and pro death penalty for guilty monsters.

Fox News isn't on MY side of anything!

With the exception of Beck and Hannity, Fox news is what they say they are, fair and balanced. Down the middle. They report. I decide.

I don't watch Hannity or Beck but I give both of them a LOT more credibility than I would ANYONE of MSNBC or CNN

Beck and Hannity are not reporting, they are giving an opinion and they freely admit it. They are not reporters, they never claimed to be.

I don't watch them anyway. Those kids of shows are designed to stir the pot. They do exactly that. Alan Combs was taken off because he's such a bore, he put people in a coma. Coma patients aren't into stirred pots. At least Beck and Hannity slap republicans as well as democrats. Combs was a puppet for democrats AND a hopeless bore.

Progressives are so addicted to the dominant left wing slant which has spewed unchecked for so many years AND the BS indoctrination coming from College campus these days, they don't know information from from dog dung.

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#13) On October 25, 2009 at 2:44 PM, XtremeNeoCon (< 20) wrote:

Oh and BTW: Rec # 8 was from me. Don't ever let it be said that I am a believer in censorship. I have fought and would DIE for your right to disagree with Fox news or any other news organization.

God bless.

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#14) On October 25, 2009 at 4:41 PM, devoish (82.57) wrote:


Kerry was swiftboated, Max Cleland was swiftboated, Bush manufactured his own military record he did not perform.

If you believe uknucklehead  didn't try to do a hatchet job on this story you're confused.

69 million Americans agreed that "Conservative" leadership failed miserably. And most Conservatives know that too.

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#15) On October 25, 2009 at 5:13 PM, ozzfan1317 (70.74) wrote:

Heres my two cents both networks are biased but I feel Msnbc isnt as bad. I watch Becks show though sometimes he does make sense. My Favorite Republican president was Lincoln, Abortion is murder unless its to save the mothers life.  Bush was a horrible and corrupt president, Many of the detainees at Gitmo were innocent, Iraq was a waste of money and lives. If we are going to act as a organization to prevent cruelty why dont we send troops to stop the genocide in darfur too? Signed a US Navy veteran and proud left wing independant.

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#16) On October 25, 2009 at 5:31 PM, AvianFlu (< 20) wrote:


The frustrating thing for me is when people refer to Bush (either one) as convervative. In my view, either Bush could have easily passed for a Democrat up until about 10 years ago when the democrat party moved a lot closer to totalitarianism.

A conservative believes strongly in balanced and small federal budgets and not eliminating freedoms that are supposed to be enjoyed by individuals. You'll notice both Bushes took away freedoms and increased the size and power of the government. So you want to bash Bush? Move over...I'll be standing right beside you.

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#17) On October 25, 2009 at 6:32 PM, danteps (28.75) wrote:

According to new federal reports released Thursday, the housing credit program nationwide is littered with potential fraud, threatening its future.

 Claims for the tax credit are being filed by those who may not be first-time buyers, those who haven’t yet bought houses, and those who are under 18, according to an inspector general’s report. More than $500 million in claimed credits are being questioned.


The Internal Revenue Service has opened 115 criminal investigations, has frozen more than 110,000 refunds pending further examination and is stepping up audits of questionable claims.


A tax preparer was sentenced to federal prison this week for filing fraudulent returns — the first in connection with housing tax credit fraud.


The findings come at a crucial time for the popular program. Congress is considering extending the tax credit, which expires Nov. 30, and possibly expanding it, to prop up the housing market and nudge along an economic recovery.


More than 3,000 illegal immigrants have filed fraudulent claims.  Thus far, 53 IRS agents have filed illegal claims.


This program should be terminated immediately.  Anyone who is convicted of fraud should be jailed to the full extent of the law. 


Don't want to cast aspersions on either party, as they are both tremendously flawed.  For those that support socialized / government medicine . . . here is another preview of what to expect.  Expansion of government = expansion of fraud.


All those that believe in Keynes - here is why he was fundamentally flawed.  Government is comprised of people.  People behave in their own best interest. Thereby, our politicians cannot be trusted to appropriately allocate capital on behalf of US citizens.  Furthermore, few politicians have the knowledge and experience to make decisions regarding billions (or trillions) of dollars. Report this comment
#18) On October 25, 2009 at 7:09 PM, fmahnke (67.64) wrote:


Touch a nerve, sure, but for reasons that may not be obivious, 

The nerve here is the title of your post and the subject.  I am of the opinion that the whole FOX news story was created by the White House as a distraction from the most important issues facing Americans today.  Which I beleive are Health Care reform and the "jobless recovery" of our ecomony.

I'm not defending Fox (which is anything but fair and balanced) or Stossels story, I will defend Free Speech and oppose those who attempt to surpress it  I will also defend myself and state that the spending of a Trillion in stimuls and U6 near 17%. are generally accepted facts (albeit rounded). However, you are correct in stating that much of what I write is opinion. 

A populist opinion. probably.  I'm not sure where "here is" (although I  have clearly indicated my guess that it some governemental or political agency much more clearly than you addressed my questions). It really doesn't matter, because it is almost everywhere in America these days,

When I say Americans value honesty, I also beleive that is a generally accepted fact.  Could we at least all agree they should ?

And is this gov't honest,?   Is the recovery Act really working better  than we could have imagined.  Do we feel that our gov't is truly transpatentc(or at least trying), bipartisan and free of the influences of lobbyists and other political consitituants.  I say no but would welcome your thoughts about what I may have missed:

Instead, I would expect examples of how conservatives, Repubs or George W ( are) were worse,  But I say that isn't the point as I have never identified with any of those groups and therefore have no reason or desire to defend them. 

I would like to think that America is moving in the right direction, as I supported this President's candadacy.  Instead I feel duped and fearful of our country;s future,  Fearful that honesty, freedom and the independence of our people are at risk.  Fearful of the debt clock and puzzeled by the administation;s apparent. refusal to address through any means other than the devaluation of the dollar, which I think is a crime against those of midddleclass americans who consider themselves savers,

But most of all, I fear an overeaching gov.t assuming more control for all the reasons, I have stated above. It's difficult, because changes are clearly needed but you need to start by trusting something or somebody.  And like many Americans, includinfg the many Fox fans,  I don;t trusr this gov't

So if you want ro make av real difference, support your liberal gov't. tell me why my claims in paragraph six of this post ari wrong,  Its far more important than pointing  to other examples of bad policy, behavior,or journalism, 

If you look at the emotions sparked by these posts, you'll see amother reason it really is important,  Fear the fear and the potential for unrest and unraveling of order, remebering that the answer is not to shoot the messenger, but instead by doing the right thing, honestly and openly.

You see devo,  I write because I hope you are part of the govt and can help provide change, And so far I beleive the change we;ve seen is not a good thing, but would love to learn that I've missed some important facts. really


The ACORN videos speak for themselves but are less worrisome than Van Jones,  However, as you can see, I don;t think that is the point  


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#19) On October 25, 2009 at 7:28 PM, fmahnke (67.64) wrote:

Hey Devo,

Just finished watching 60 minutes do medicare fraud piece, Medicare for all. why not.  This gov;t derserves more control as they have done such a good job in keeping administrative expenses low,

Would this happen in private industry or a COOP run by the policyholdrers, ??

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#20) On October 25, 2009 at 7:56 PM, devoish (82.57) wrote:


Did 60 min do a better job than the GM report you mentioned?

I think FOX's coverage of,Dow's bhopal disatster, mountaintop removal for coal mining, pollution in the gulf, the pacific and the atlantic, ocean fish depletion, the cost to industry of low taxes and crummy roads, etc etc etc.

Fox cheerleaded the USA into the Iraq war by interviewing retired military who now work to get contracts for defense contractors,

Al Qaida was a two bit private army that threw a lucky punch. They were nothing more than a criminal organization  until Bush declared war on them and FOX never even thought to suggest otherwise. They are a paid arm of the military industrial complex and useless as a news source.

Any fraud committed against Medicare pales in comparison to the fraud being committed on a daily basis by private insurers against their customers.

But FOX isn't covering that. They will not risk losing any advertising money by calling the Insurers the thieves they are. Instead they get little brown noses for the dollar.

Would fraud also happen against a private insurer? The insurers say it does. They hire investigators. I guess you have been confused by FOX for so long you have forgotten crime exists outside Gov't too, and that may be the best condemnation of how well FOX listeners just repeat and don't think.

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#21) On October 25, 2009 at 7:57 PM, devoish (82.57) wrote:

And I forgot to point out because your diversion was well done. You have not been able to defend uknuckleheads report.

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#22) On October 25, 2009 at 8:18 PM, devoish (82.57) wrote:

How worthless is FOX.

Let's talk about the 76,000 teabaggers they used months of their political capital to drag out to Washington. They made it sound like a movement when it was a pittance. Did they put it in context? 76,000 teabaggers, what does that really represent?

Two old ladies told the story better. I'll copy their story so you'll know what America really stands for.

Margaret,  I haven’t laughed so hard since Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Palin.  A few thousand white folks called in sick to work last week so they could parade around the nation’s capital on Saturday and Fox News declares a revolution is underway.  My goodness.  I don’t know which is more sad – the fact that they couldn’t spell half the words written on their illegible signs or that they all left their white hoods at home.  Bring the hippies back.  Their protests were much more entertaining.

Just to give you some perspective:

1925 -  Ku Klux Klan – 35,000 KKK members marched on Washington

1963 – March for Freedom with Martin Luther King – 250,000 marched

1969 – March to end the Vietnam War – 600,000 marched

1993 – Gay and Lesbian Rights – 800,000 marched

1995 – Million Man March – 600,000 marched

2004 – March for Women’s Lives (Pro-Choice)  – over 1 million marched

2009 – Obama Inauguration – over 1 million celebrate September 12, 2009 – Tea Party Hillbilly Rally -

78,000 marched but only 3 seemed to know what they were marching about.

I’ll tell you what Margaret.  You would never know by watching Fox News that 78,000 racists marching on the nation’s capital was cause for concern.  You would think we were finally winning the war against the British.   Of course, according to Harold’s television set, larger crowds gathered at dozens of football games that day so what the hell do I care.

Let me just say something about the 9-12 Project.  On September 12, 2001 everyone was an American. There were no Blue States and  no Red States.  There were no Black Americans and no White Americans.   There were no Europeans, no Asians, no Hispanics, no Africans…  The world was standing with America against the evil that is terrorism.  The globe was united like never before.  And what did our President do when given that moment?  He told us all to go shopping while he and his buddies planned a war.  And 8 years later the 9-12 project has been reduced to a movement of no Blacks, no Hispanics, no Asians… just 78,000 white people who can’t spell.

But it’s not really these 78,000 marchers that worry me.  It’s the media that gives them so much attention.  Did anyone else notice that when a million Pro-Choice women marched on Washington and 50 nut-jobs stood on the corner mis-quoting the bible, it was the bible thumping nut-jobs getting more coverage on the evening news? I mean 5 KKK members march down Main Street and the news crews out number the marchers 10 to 1.

69 million people voted for Barack Obama knowing full well that Universal Healthcare was a major issue in his campaign.   78,000 people marched on Washington claiming that America has been stolen.  Now I am not an expert, but I have to believe that fancy CNN map of John King’s should be able to figure out that math.

The biggest problem facing America today isn’t the war, the economy, healthcare or even racism.  The biggest threat to America is the lack of news coverage in our newscasts.  Honestly I don’t give a damn what LaToya Jackson thinks, what Paris Hilton ate, what Hillary Clinton is wearing or who Brad Pitt is dating.  And I especially don’t give a rat’s ass what 78,000 peckerwoods with too much time on their hands think about something as complicated as Universal Healthcare.

You know what would have been a good news story?  How many of those yahoos marching last weekend actually have health insurance much less a full set of teeth?  Did anyone bother to ask that question?

It’s not news.  It’s nonsense.  Really.  I mean it.


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#23) On October 25, 2009 at 9:46 PM, fmahnke (67.64) wrote:


Nonsense is the fact that you seem incapable of standing up for the policies of practices of your liberal gov't president,  Instead you bash the media, George W racist teabagger etc, (as perdicted)

Why is it so hard to defend the honesty, effectiveness and transperency of the gov't ??  And if you can't do it, why give it more power, 

Your right about the media being bad. Almost all of it,  The racial argument against BHO is the weakest of the cheap shots.  Jimmy Carter's comment (which he disclaimed) were as or even more stupid than Sahra's P ( and I think see is a narcisistic moron) I voted for Carter (once), Van Jomes made the most blantantly raccist comments I've heard lately and noboby seem to care,  Funny how that works

But none of that;s the point,  Which remains that although 69M people voted for BHO, most of them understanding the need for Health Care reform, many of them feel betrayed by absence of honesty,fiscal irresponsiblity, transparency, lobbying influence reductions and earmark reform that he promised,  So if they (we) seem less trustful a year later, perhaps they should,

I'd estimate that the majority of American share the fears shared by the teabaggers, but that don't matter either.  But if the Big Go;t liberals choose to criticize the critics instead of defending the chosen one, well maybe that's all that needs to said,, Perhaps we agree the track record is indefensible ?

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#24) On October 25, 2009 at 11:00 PM, devoish (82.57) wrote:

If you cannot find posts from me congratulating the US Gov for making good decisions, then you cannot read.

Uknucklehead is not a news reporter, as I said, and you lost track of.

FOX is almost worthless, maybe completely worthless.

In every issue you raised in #23, progress has been made, and set back, but the ship has begun turning. I've got Wiener and Grayson and Franken, you've lost Delay and Cheney and Rumsfeld and so many others. You have fools like Palin and Jindal. Are things moving fast enough for me, no. But I'm not turning back to the disaster you left. I hope to get rid of Dodd, but not in exchange for a Republican. For me it either happens in the primary or not at all.

If the Dems cannot deliver a strong Public option we'll get new Dems. But I doubt I will ever vote republican again after the, unreported on FOX, crimes of the Bush administration, aided and abetted by a republican majority.

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#25) On October 26, 2009 at 12:08 AM, XtremeNeoCon (< 20) wrote:

Kerry was swiftboated, Max Cleland was swiftboated, Bush manufactured his own military record he did not perform.

If you believe uknucklehead  didn't try to do a hatchet job on this story you're confused.

69 million Americans agreed that "Conservative" leadership failed miserably. And most Conservatives know that too.

John Kerry is a coward. He spent 4 months in country, carrying a camera and buying medals with influence. The Honorable discharge displayed on the wall of his office, seen on his website is dated 1978. ppsstttt, thats the same year Carter gave amnesty to less than honorable assholes like John Kerry.

  Max Cleland? I didn't have a dog in that fight. Can't reply to that one.

Bush didn't manufacture the report Dan Rather reported on. The report was written with a windows word program. ppssttt, they didn't have windows when Bush flew with the air national guard. sorry, thats misinformation. No, thats an out right LIE! Dan Rather should be horse whipped for that one. I can't stand Bush, but that was wrong. Period.

I didn't even follow the knucklehead story. Knucklehead may well have chopped and diced it. I can't confirm or deny. My problem with this mess is the hypocracy of your post. YOUR side or at least the main stream media is so full of hog wash and yet, its FNC that everyone wants to censor and destroy. The First ammendment is meaningless to the left. If you don't agree you want to destroy. THATS my problem. I couldn't care less about knuckleheads report or lack there of.

I don't like CNN, so I don't watch them. I certainly DO NOT want them taken off the air. I DO NOT want them to go away. A free press is an absolute for freedom to survive.

69 million Americans did not vote against conservatism. A large number of those voters voted against gutless republicans who were anything bit conservative. Hang around and watch the next election. Watch how many of them vote AGAINST liberalism and Chicago style corruption. Why do you think BHO is in such a hurry to a pass health care take over? The mid terms are next year. Remember 1994 ??

Conservatives know we were betrayed by the republican party as well as GWB. We also know conservatism never failed us. It was repubs acting like democrats.

Do I believe Bush led us through 8 years of failed policy? YOU BET I DO!  That may be the only thing me and you will ever agree on. 8 years of Bush acting like a crack smoking drunk sailor with money to burn. YOUR MONEY and MY MONEY! Yea, that was eight years of pure stupidity. Nothing conservative about it. Bush was NOT A CONSERVATIVE!


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#26) On October 26, 2009 at 3:08 AM, fmahnke (67.64) wrote:


My reading skills at question?.If you say so.  Progress on the key issues has been made, well I quess,  I'll take your lack of specific examples of this progress as an implilicit yes to my question of whether we agree on defending the indefensible.

Maybe your reading skills are at issue,  When you say, I'm losing Cheney or Palin its pretty clear that you are not paying attention, I've stated that I think Palin is a moron and think Cheney is as bad, and maybe worse  I haven;t lost anything,  I see it as addition through subtraction,

Wiener and Grayson are an interesting pair to lump toghether, I can't quite get there.  I look at Wiener as a godf intentioned, intelligent liberal who makes a great argument but fails to see the inherent failure of big gov;t.  Stated another way, the ignores the debt clock, Still a voice worth listening to, as healthy constructive debate is good

Grayson is a strange one,  He's actually helped Ron Paul on his effort to fightt the Fed,  But like his riduculous "Republication answer is to die quickly" commentary he does is in mocking disingenious way.  and like silly Sarah;s death panel comment, he prefers theatrics to to substance, so  I think we;d be better off withouut him and most of the other grandstanders and distortors.

And I agree on Dodd incompedtence,  the chariman of the banking commitee did such a good that he gets a ringing endorsement from BHO, very strange.  Like Spector over Sestak,  the president seems to endorse the status quo dems, Do you know why, I can't fiqure it out,  I'f hope Schiff wins in Conn, knowing he doesnlt have much of chance but not knowing (or even caring) what party he is affiliated with,  I don;t particularly like him, but he does understand the debt clock and how gov;t needs to get smaller, and we have far too few of those guys in power, 

Of course, to some folks party is everything, I;ll never quite understand whyt as both have cleary failed.  That sound of debt clock ticking, is the proof. as well as the symbol of why America can;t and won;t allow its Gov;t to continue down an unsustainable path,  The real question left is what comes next,

Ron Paul in 2012

PS.  I never wrote about any GM article.  I did however state that GM is an another example of failed partisan politics coming at the expense of the taxpayer, and only because it is, 


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#27) On October 26, 2009 at 5:09 AM, devoish (82.57) wrote:

A large number of those voters voted against gutless republicans who were anything bit conservative.

John Kerry is a coward

Bush flew with the air national guard

Conservatives know we were betrayed by the republican party as well as GWB

Ron Paul in 2012

Hook. Line. Sinker.

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#28) On October 27, 2009 at 1:29 PM, XtremeNeoCon (< 20) wrote:

Hey theres still time. I'm a medic. I can't help you get that hook, line and sinker out before it kills you.

I really do enjoy your posts Devo. I think you're blinded by your idiology. But I do enjoy reading your stuff.

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