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March 28, 2008 – Comments (0)

Today there is more news about walking away from free trade by Hilary Clinton.  That would probably be good for BC as free trade isn't so free.  There is a requirement to sell energy even if Canadian energy needs grow to the point that we need the energy and in BC with Expo 86 population vastly out grew the rest of Canada.  My understanding is that we have to sell the energy cheaper and then buy back any shortfalls in energy at a higher price. 

Ontario saw the manufacturing sector implode as jobs went to the US and then the US corporations successfully lobbied for tariffs of BC lumber products, in complete violation of the free-trade agreement, in which the US was found to be in violation of the free-trade agreement.  It also give some protection of access to Canada's gas and oil.

I guess at first the US gained jobs from it, but gradually Mexico has gained jobs because of the cheaper labour. 

Clinton seems to think she can only change part of the agreement.

I personally think free-trade hurt Canada a lot and helped to ensure our economy remained sluggish for much longer than it needed to. 

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