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Freedom vs Terroistic Capitalism



November 18, 2010 – Comments (1)

So, on the heels of a post from Monday concerning the new security measures implemented by TSA, and the guy from San Diego that told the TSA to "not touch his junk",  more disturbing news has been found.


The company, represented from former Dept of Homeland Security Chertoff, aptly named Rapiscan (might as well be rape-a-scan given how they opperate) is violating our privacy and amendments.  it took a lot of searching to find the following articles, and since rapiscan is privately operated, its not surprising. 

So, now the true money making scheme is to use terroistic capitalism, where your company profits directly by implement terrorism-related items/devices etc on the American Public.  What a scam!  If the crotch-bomber incident never happened, it is very plausbile tht we wouldn't have these devices in our airport at the moment.  I half beleive that Rapiscan played a role in getting that imbecile on the plane just to ensure the profits they have been racking in with all the scanner sales.  How can you event think about investing when your losing your rights.  Whose to say somewhere down the line that all your gains will be considered illegal, or just taken in the name of national security.  If they can grope you for free, in fact they are paid now and I suspect its only a matter of time before a national security tax gets added to each ticket, adding insult to injury, and keep pictures of your naked body, all in the name of national security, why would they stop there if opportunity arises?


It turns out that the TSA is storing images from these imaging devices and plans to develop some body imagine profile with them for suture use.  Additionally, there is talk of one day implementing such devices at schools, metro stations, bus stops etc.  At what point does it stop?  Never, like a snowball going down hill it won't if we don't stop it now!  Our good friend Ron Paul, (man I should have voted for him last presidential election.  I wanted change but didn't see this coming!) is making an effort to free us from the path of destruction we are being led into. 


I can't beleive it, I finally sound like Alstry.  Maybe he has had it right all along?  Oh well... the most important thing now is to spread the knowledge so that we can invest in our future, the future of our loved ones in the right manner

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