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Friday Night Links



May 15, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: WSC.DL

That's us eating in Mongolia. Not sure if you can tell, but those are Chinggis Khaan (aka Genghis Khan) beer steins. I tried to buy one off of the restaurant, but they were having none of it. If we weren't on official business, I might have tried to pocket one. They were that cool. Anyway, here are your Friday Night Links...

FNL #1: The Fool's own Buck Hartzell shares some spectacular and comprehensive notes form Charlie Munger's Wesco Financial (WSC) annual meeting. Recommended required reading.

FNL #2: Yesterday's brand new issue of Global Gains. It's a good one. (Subscription required.)

FNL #3: A very well-written and well-researched WSJ cover story about the rise of megacities in India and the effect they're having on society. For those of you who liked The World is Flat, you have to wonder how "flat" the world actually is as it rapidly urbanizes into intermittent population centers. It actually seems as though the world is quite bumpy.

FNL #4: Paul Krugman makes sweeping statements about China starting with this telling line: "But that still leaves the problem of China, where I have been for most of the last week." Hey, Paul. If you're going to make sweeping generalizations about a country, try taking more than a week to arrive at your conclusions. But why should we ask a *NOBEL PRIZE WINNER* to actually be thoughtful/thorough when it comes to writing a *HIGHLY POLITICIZED COLUMN*. (In fact, I think the Chinese are trying to do quite a lot to help reduce their environmental footprint, though, yes, they could always do more.)

FNL #5: Jaydiohead. It's a portmanteau word that means Jay-Z meets Radiohead. You'll be tapping your foot all weekend long. (Hat tip to Gwyneth Paltrow, who, my wife discovered, writes a pretty mean newsletter.)

BONUS FNL #6: If you haven't, enter the Global Gains/CAPS Champion of the World Contest. You'll be glad you did.

Enjoy it. (Sorry the links didn't work earlier; apparently CAPS doesn't like Safari.)

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