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March 17, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BSC.DL

Although Hidden Gems is eating most of my time, I just had to bust out of the blog on stuff:

Like this: Bernanke Bails Out Bear 

Or this: What Bear's Fallout Means for Investors

Give 'em a read, then take a walk. I just did. Went next door and fed the neighbor's cat. It played with my dog, rubbed my leg in gratitude, then commenced to wolfing down its food while purring -- sounding like a little long-tailed pig. Took the golden once round the park, he whizzed on his favorite trees and ran into his friend Lilly, an 8-pound, cream-colored tornado who shows you her belly, waits for a few pats, then gets up and zips laps around you at Mach 3.

The tomatoes and peppers are up in the spare bedroom, getting so high it's going to be time to transplant them into bigger pots soon. The sunflower seedlings are going crazy. The markets are crazy, but life goes on, and it's pretty good.


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