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G Z vs T M race relations and better to be armed than unarmed.



July 14, 2013 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: G , UN

Okay  wow  its  something  when  we  can  go  somewhat quickly  to  a  trial  that should  have  never  taken place  within  months  ~  simply  because  of   race  implications. (((  intense  sarcasm )))

All  the  while  more important  murders  and  criminal  cases  never  see  the light of  day  or  take  at  least a   good  year plus  before  even  going  to  trial.

Man  it  was  a  good  thing  that  George  was  able  to  get  to  his  gun,  but  what  if  he  didn't  have a  gun  or  say  T  got  to  his  gun  first  or  say  T  had  a   weapon.

Could  you  imagine  if   the  participants  handled  themselves   more  civilly   than  getting  into  an  altercation  and   one  sided  fist  fight  one  sided  gun  fight.

Now  allegedly   some  groups  are  gonna  be  upset  and   are  gonna  try to do  what  they can.

But  looking  at  the  facts  and  history  of   the  participants  ~   obviously   one  guy   was   concerned  with  his  community  and  the  other  much  younger   deceased  well   who  really  knows,   but   someone  had  to  have  inflicted  that  broken  nose ~  two  black eyes  ~  busted lip  ~   and  cuts  and  bruises  to  the back  of   G  Z  's   head.

We  had  our  trial  and   a  jury  found  G  Z   not  guilty.

While  that  doesn't  necessarily  make  him  innocent  and  opps  my  bad  apparently  the  shooting  did  occur  over  a  year  ago...

Wow  how  time flies,  especially  when  your  not paying  attention.   or  when  the  facts  don't  matter.

Until  that  day....

Theres always  free  cheese  in a  mouse  trap ?


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#1) On July 14, 2013 at 11:13 AM, drgroup (67.16) wrote:

If GZ had been in Chicago or new York, no one would have paid the slightest attention. Goons like Sharpton are very selective when it comes to spreading their racist propaganda.

If TM hadn't been stopped, then GZ would have been beaten to death. Would the racist in the sharpton linch mob have been as eager to destroy the life of one of their own? Not at all...

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#2) On July 15, 2013 at 12:39 AM, L0RDZ (89.22) wrote:

Sharpy  looks  like  an x-ray  thin  crack head  in  a  suit.


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#3) On July 15, 2013 at 7:14 AM, drgroup (67.16) wrote:

That's what you turn into when you hang with obama. Birds of a feather... 

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