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Gamestop not Playing Around



April 04, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MSFT , SNE , GME

Location: Varchild2008's CAPS Blog

Author: Varchild2008

Gamestop's Next Gen. Video Game Console

So while everyone is on the subject of Gamestop stores going bankrupt once Sony and Microsoft release their "Used Games Banning" next gen. video game consoles,

what will happen when Gamestop releases for sale their 100% CLOUD, 100% DIGITAL Streaming
next-gen video gaming console?

What!?  Haven't heard the news about this big rumor?

Check this out (thanks to BIRCH981 from the Yahoofinance forum for GME.)

Above hyperlink takes you to the Spawn Labs Gaming Console Patent to produce what appears to me to be a 100% CLOUD, 100% DIGITAL Streaming Video Gaming Console.


The Profit Margins for Gamestop to sell a Digital Video Game is 100%...And that friends is far higher than the profit margins for the Used Video Games business.

It is to Gamestop's tremendous advantage here to introduce to the consumers this option to acquire for the first time a 100% CLOUD based Game Machine.

And it makes sense.   Valve's STEAM already has rumors that circulated about a gaming machine themselves....later Valve denied that they have plans to build one.

Don't be surprised to see Gamestop be the next to soon announce or have rumors floating about a Spawn Labs Gaming Console once the Spawn Labs technology comes out of Beta Testing.

So what happens to MSFT and SNE when their Next-Gen Video Gaming Consoles are unavailable at your local Gamestop, all 6000+ Gamestops, meanwhile SPAWN LABS Gaming Machine is available?

And why should the Video Game Publishers not jump on board the Spawn Labs gaming machine?

Gamestop is already courting independent game developers at a recent convention, and maybe this is why?

Shorts having to Cover their shares in a massive short squeeze in 3........2...........1........

(Don't think the patent or the VALVE, Steam Gaming Machine rumors back in March, will lead to a Gamestop Spawn Labs gaming machine?  Explain why I am wrong in the comments below.)

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