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Varchild2008 (84.02)

Gamestop...Strategy Guides too Hard to Find



October 14, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Since I am quite pumped up here... Here's more CLUEBAT ideas for Gamestop to not bother to do.

1)  GET RID of all of the STRATEGY GUIDES.   Most of them sit there and collect dust month to month and quite frankly... I never seem to find the one that I want when I want to buy one.

Take   Tales of Vesperia... They used to sell it..... They do not anymore....


It would not surprise me if it happens to be something that can be ordered via their Website...

I mean....  is litterally a completely different entity all on its own and offers things you would not think Gamestop "The Store" offers.

2)  You have to somehow tie your website to all of your stores cause frankly... That website of yours is an underused....undervalued.... Paper Weight... until you do....

3)  I think GAMESTOP has become "Neanderthall."

In the world of ever increasing Technological advances we have a Company that thinks they can sell stuff by OVERSTOCK  Strategy Guides on a Shelf of Randomness....  I mean what do they use to figure out which guides to stock???    They rarely ever stock any Guides I seek to buy... Like Tales of Vesperia.... Tales of Symphonia (Ok.. It's old....but that's my point!)

Why not offer up a Strategy Guide Trade-In  .... Sell USED  Strategy Guides....

Otherwise... You know what happens to these guides?  You have video games like myself launching Strategy Guides into the TRASH once the game is beaten....  And that benefits??? No-One.

But if you have some kind of program for these much the same way as Used Video Games... And you let your Website be accessible in your stores and your Store Clerks can assist Customers with the website so they can find what they are looking for on your website....

If you have a "WISH LIST" feature.. I do not know if you do.... Where a Customer can say..

Hey... I am looking for a Strategy Guide here from this rather old Video Game.... Can't find it.... Anyone out there willing to sell it????


There's enough technology out there to create a GAMESTOP Mobile APP for these darn hard to find Video Games and Strategy Guides....  How about jumping on board the APP STORE and the ANDROID Google Store.... and Pushing product on Mobile Phones???

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#1) On October 14, 2010 at 9:25 PM, Varchild2008 (84.02) wrote:


Ok I checked..  GAMESTOP has this 2.5 stars outof 5 craptastic CBS Interactive application that is FREE on the iPHONE and probably the GOOGLE phones as well.

But guess what?

It's 2.5 stars for a reason.. the APP *stinks*

And it doesn't really do what I am talking about.....  This is not a mobile version of their website made Phone Friendly...

This is mostly a News, Info, Reviews App for games and a crappy one at that..

Here's what a reviewer has to say about this GAMESTOP APP:

"This app is horrible.  It hasnt had a single review on it that Ive looked for.  If ive been browsing the local game store racks and find a game that looks interesting, Id like to have access to a review to check it out.  And Im not talking games nobody has heard of, but thats all this app seems to have.  Free is too expensive.  i would pay to keep from having this crap. The actual website is awesome though"



So don't even pretend that I am blowing steam right now just to amuse myself.

I'm not the only one that seems the GAMESTOP  website as the UNDER-USED.... UNDER-APPRECIATED.....  Entity that sits there isolated from our iPhones... Isolated from our iPADs and just completely Absent when you go inside a Gamestop Store.


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