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August 09, 2007 – Comments (0)

Took some time last night to look up my CAPS picks on Yahoo Finance (fwiw).  For those I could find stats for (approximately 2/3), here's what I learned about this old fool, by the numbers:

My median P/E is 15.5. 

My median PEG is a paltry 1.1

Projected five year growth rate (median) = 16%

Last five years growth rate (median) = a whopping 40%.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

And in case you were wondering, only about 1% of all CAPS players...A) Have ratings of 90 + (B) accuracies over 50% + (C) on 100+ picks.  

And many of those have achieved their "success" by picking dogs to underperform or by concentrating heavily on one sector (usually energy).

While my portfolio is far from an index (what would be the point?), it could at least pass for a real-life mutual fund, something most CAPS "all-stars" could not claim.

And though I've only been CAPping for three months and am still tweaking constantly, this portfolio is designed to beat the S&P over the long haul - many of my picks are still just sitting around waiting for the right catalyst (just like LUK and GRMN finally found their groove this summer).

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