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Geeknet (LNUX) Director of, Ross Turk, Laid Off



December 23, 2009 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GKNT.DL , AMZN , BBY

"...we effected a staff reduction of eighteen people primarily across engineering and sales to better manage expenses until media revenue begins to grow..." Source:  November 8, 2008 Motley Fool

Ross Turk's Twitter Blog... 

"...Flying to TX again today, this time for my #alcatel-lucent new hire orientation Sad about my new winxp laptop, but otherwise very excited!

3:45 AM Dec 21st from TweetDeck 

@beachmark It's a new job :) I'm doing community work for Alcatel-Lucent now!

5:05 AM Dec 16th from Nambu in reply to beachmark
@irabinovitch It's for the applications enablement division. I'm going to be helping developers write apps against mobile/telco APIs.

@Sir_Gallantmon I dunno! I'm just getting acquainted. You can probably learn more from the wikipedia article than from me right now. :)

1:49 PM Dec 15th from Nambu in reply to Sir_Gallantmon
I've known for a while, but I didn't want to say anything while there were still things that could go wrong.

@Sir_Gallantmon Not exactly - SourceForge downsized, doesn't have a dedicated community outreach position anymore.

1:41 PM Dec 15th from Nambu in reply to Sir_GallantmonI start my new job one week from today. I'm going to be the Director, Developer Community Outreach and Evangelism for Alcatel-Lucent. Yay!

1:38 PM Dec 15th from Nambu1:33 PM Dec 15th from Nambu3:00 AM Nov 18th from TwitterrificFYI, my VA/SourceForge/Geeknet email is now disabled - the new one is ross at Have a good weekend!

11:00 AM Nov 14th from Nambu@johnmark SAP has OSS efforts? :)

6:33 AM Nov 7th from Nambu in reply to netllama@garethgreenaway I have a few good leads. On the whole, the job of finding a job has been the most satisfying work I've done in a while.

4:49 AM Nov 7th from Nambu in reply to garethgreenawayJust had my last visit to the #sourceforge office. I barely made it out of there without falling apart..I am really going to miss them.

12:24 AM Nov 6th from Nambu in reply to beachmarkRT @sourceforge: Our corporate parent changed its name to Geeknet. Here's a top 10 list of names we didn't choose.

6:22 AM Nov 4th from Nambu in reply to netllama@galvao thanks man! I will let everyone know where I land, for sure.

5:27 AM Nov 4th from Twitterrific in reply to galvao@galvao SourceForge has reduced it's force. My last day is next Friday!

3:59 AM Nov 4th from Twitterrific in reply to fusion94LAX to SFO for SourceForge, for the last time! Come see me tomorrow at Apachecon, I'm talking about FOSS and business.

3:37 AM Nov 4th from Twitterrific9:55 AM Oct 29th from Nambu in reply to NadjaB@beachmark Yeah. Not sure where I'm heading yet, SourceForge is downsizing and it was a bit of a surprise

8:23 AM Oct 29th from Nambu in reply to beachmark@jeffreymcmanus Yeah, my resume is at

4:41 AM Oct 29th from Nambu in reply to jeffreymcmanus@hunleyd Right now it feels more on the sad side :P

4:32 AM Oct 29th from Nambu in reply to sarafordI just realized that by the time I'm gone, I will have spent nearly a third of my life at SourceForge. Crazy.

4:27 AM Oct 29th from Nambu3:47 AM Oct 28th from Nambu in reply to hunleyd@pdhanda In this case, it's kind of confusing.

3:33 AM Oct 28th from Nambu in reply to pdhanda

Wow. Big news for me today..."


 Source: Ross Turk's Twitter Blog

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#1) On December 23, 2009 at 1:46 PM, gnulaw (52.71) wrote:

Ross Turk hosted's "Unscrambling the Puzzle of Digital Marketing on the Modern Web" held in New York September 17th, eight days before Jon Sobel left SourceForge ( The only two employee's featured at this event are no longer with the firm...

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#2) On December 23, 2009 at 1:54 PM, gnulaw (52.71) wrote:

Ross Turk also hosted the 2009 SourceForge Community Choice Awards.

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#3) On December 24, 2009 at 10:28 AM, gnulaw (52.71) wrote:

It appears Ross was informed of his layoff the day this post* appeared on Motley Fool. ref/

SourceForge (LNUX) Website Promoting Jon Sobel as Current Group President Media as Shares Continue to Slide below 50-100-200 MA

"...Equally troubling is Ross Turk's sarcastic outburst of laughter (2:48/5:11) as he interrupts Jon Sobel about how much the Open Source projects on dislike advertising i.e.'s means of monetizing the site...increasing shareholder value. Source: New Advertising Video View video →..." 




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#4) On December 27, 2009 at 3:13 PM, gnulaw (52.71) wrote:

"...Best of luck, Ross Turk - we're losing a legend.2:41 AM Nov 14th from web..." 

Source: twitter, leeschlesinger 

Name Lee Schlesinger

Location Sarasota, FL 

Web http://www.schles...Bio Editor, computer wizard, circus dad, community theatre maven



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#5) On December 29, 2009 at 8:10 AM, gnulaw (52.71) wrote:

Ross was also laid off exactly two weeks after this* event.


SourceForge Director of Community Addresses Need for Open Information Exchange at Upcoming EPA SymposiumRoss Turk to discuss the collaborative spirit inherent in open source software; implications for a global information exchange

Press Release Source: SourceForge On Wednesday October 14, 2009, 1:28 pm EDT

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SourceForge (Nasdaq: LNUX - News),, the leader in IT community-driven media and e-commerce, today announced that its Director of Community, Ross Turk, will be a guest speaker at a symposium discussing "Building a Collaborative Ecological Causal Analysis Community." The symposium, taking place in Washington DC on October 13-15, aims to find ways of making a global information exchange sustainable and compelling.

"Open source is a good example of collaboration between users and creators, one that can be seen at a macro level," said Turk. "The reasons behind why people collaborate on projects, and continue to evolve those projects, can help set the framework for the symposium's discussion of why open information exchange is needed."

This event will bring together scientists, government officials and business leaders who have a vested interest, or background, in building collaborative databases and projects. In addition to discussing the potential behind a global information exchange, attendees of the symposium will be directing their energy toward establishing the next steps necessary to ensure this project gains traction and eventually comes to fruition.

Turk started his discussion of open source success stories at 9:15 a.m. on Oct. 14 at the Washington DC Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel, 801 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, District of Columbia 20037.

About SourceForge

SourceForge's media and e-commerce web sites connect millions of influential technology professionals and enthusiasts each day. Combining user-developed content, online marketplaces and e-commerce, SourceForge is the global technology community's nexus for information exchange, goods for geeks, and open source software distribution and services. SourceForge's network of web sites serves 35 million unique visitors each month* and includes:, Slashdot, ThinkGeek and For more information or to view the media kit online, visit

(*Source: Google Analytics and Omniture, January 2009)[emphasis added]

SourceForge,, Slashdot, freshmeat, and ThinkGeek are registered trademarks of SourceForge, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks or product names are the property of their respective owners.




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