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Geeknet (LNUX) Slashdot Nemesis* "Digg loses a third of its visitors in a month: is it deadd?"



June 06, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO , BBY , GKNT.DL

"...The recommendation site that trailblazed a new generation of sites saw an abrupt drop in unique visitors in April. A blip or a trend? And what can Kevin Rose do about it, if anything? (Updated)...Back in January 2006 we asked "Will Slashdot be overtaken by Digg?" The idea at the time that the venerable "news for nerds" site could be surpassed in popularity by a two-year-old site didn't seem tenable - until you looked at the numbers. Those showed that Digg was rushing up on Slashdot - and later that year it passed it for pageviews and unique users.

But now something's happening at Digg. Data from - image above - shows that after ticking along at about 37m (and as many as 44m) unique visitors for the past year or so, user numbers have fallen off a cliff - from 38m in March to 24.7m in April. That's a 35% drop, and below the 26m it was claiming back in June 2008 when we interviewed Kevin Rose, Digg's founder.

That means that it's close to falling below Twitter (the orange line on the graph), though it's far above long-term rival reddit, also shown on the graph (the green line). (Reddit is now owned by Conde Nast.)

What's happened? Is it just a blip? Something odd in the way Compete collects data? Since Twitter and Reddit don't show comparable changes, that's probably not it. (Comparing it against Facebook for the same period doesn't show a comparable rise in Facebook users. So they haven't gone there.) (Update:: see the end of the post: we think we've found them. Quite possibly they were never regular Digg users.)

Digg is trying to change - perhaps in response to those frankly scary numbers. In a video released on Friday 28 May, Rose showed a preview of how you can "follow your favourite accounts" where you can follow "My News" which shows stories that have been dugg by your friends and their comments.

Only 120-140 stories make the Digg front story per day - though you'll see plenty more if you click around the site, even if not logged in. The reaction of the Editors' Weblog page: Rose is trying to make Digg the "Twitter of news" - though Rose has a digg... er, dig at Twitter and Google Buzz, saying "And because we're only links and news we cut out all the miscellaneous status updates that you see on other sites." Nice one, Kevin.

However what the new version would look like to anyone who'd never seen Digg but did know Twitter is a sort of "Twitter for news". (You can get a feed of what the people in your Twitter stream are looking at by using, for instance.) That looks a tiny bit desperate...and webmagazine thinks that Digg is Deadd: "It was a good run, You certainly had a great idea and funneled plenty of Web traffic to opportunistic and manipulative publishers. Alas, the run is over. And it's not coming back."..."In the soon-to-be end, Digg will become known as the first network to die from social fatigue. Facebook and Twitter are booming, LinkedIn is holding steady and even MySpace seems to have settled into a niche. But Digg is in a deadly, unrecoverable tail spin."...Alexa shows a 38% drop in search engine traffic from March to April for


They've apparently offended the Google gods, and from the look's of this they're not alone: that leaves Digg - which has apparently received $40m of venture capital in its lifetime - looking about as big as Twitter in unique visitors in the US. But without the momentum. The question still lingers: is it deadd?...
" Source: June 3, 2010

*See May 9, 2010 Blog "Slashdot nemesis Digg reduces employee count by "about 10%". Geeknet (LNUX) CEO "...stay tuned..."

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#1) On June 06, 2010 at 7:54 PM, gnulaw (52.17) wrote:

>>Back in January 2006 we asked "Will Slashdot be overtaken by Digg?" T


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#2) On June 06, 2010 at 8:21 PM, gnulaw (52.17) wrote:

"Digg is Deadd" June 1, 2010

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