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Geeknet's (GKNTD) (GKNT)s + Single Value Decomposition Algorithm = The Next Generation in News.



November 21, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GKNT.DL , BBY , AMZN

"...Bright, but not bright enough, Sherlock. Roll the dice and play Monopoly.

What box is Sir Larry gonna land on in Erie, Pennsylvania?

Jesus Christ! He's buying Anacott Steel.

OK. When the market opens tomorrow, I want you to buy 1500 July 50 calls..."  - Gekko to Bud Fox, Wall Street (3, 4, 5)

[20:57] into Geeknet (LNUX)s Q4 2009 Earnings Conference Call held on February 11th, 2010 at 11:00 AM EST, Scott Kauffman responded to Mark Moore, Viewtrade Securities, question regarding the status of Slashdot. [22:56] into that conference call "…as far as slashdot goes we are continuing to tweak the model there and stay tuned we have some interesting developments with the Slashdot team up in Dexter…". (1, 2)

"stay-tuned" --> --> This [should] be VERY BIG NEWS IN ADDITION ACCRETIVE TO GEEKNET'S MARKET CAP. Compare the predominant news headlines in with the current headlines...only "...[T]he algorithm used in Feedery is inspired by the concept of "Single Value Decomposition." This concept was the driver behind the winning entry in the NetFlix challenge. While the algorithm is not an implementation of "SVD" per se, the resulting data model was inspired by it. The goal of Feedery is to recreate SVD in a lightweight, dynamic manner to allow it to respond to the diverse nature of the information contained in RSS feeds...." (6)


To the Feedery development Rock Stars...about to give Google, Facebook a run for their money...maybe this will dial down the embarrassing Thinkgeek, Thinkgeek, Thinkgeek Geeknet management mantra heard during the past several quarterly conference calls. 


(1)  (May 09, 2010) Slashdot nemesis Digg reduces employee count by "about 10%". Geeknet (LNUX) CEO "...stay tuned"...

(2)  (July 29, 2010) Breaking News...Geeknet (LNUX) Slashdot Struggles to Remain Relevant in The Social Web. © 2010 Twitter

(3)  (September 17, 2010) [Update1] A Ten-bagger Predictive Model? or Geeknet (GKNT) Files SEC Form 8-K...KPMG in...Stonefield Josephson out. Geeknet off diapers...into big boy pants. Kenneth Langone is Kicking A$$ and Taking Names

(4)  October 02, 2010) [Update3] Geeknet Disrupt - 9/30 GKNT 52/133 Week High: In Perspective - 31 Months Ago 13D Hedge Fund Shareholder Put Pressure On Geeknet (GKNT) Board Demanding to Unlock Value.

(5)  (October 30, 2010) [Update1] Investing Disrupt - Investing for Ten Baggers, Hidden Gems, Buried 2010 and Beyond

(6)  (November 20, 2010) [Update1] Geeknet's GKNT - A Recommendation Engine That Tailors News To Individuals - Is it real or is it

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