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Giving Yourself A Raise



July 05, 2013 – Comments (3)

People every year are looking out for that big 'raise' at work.  For most of us in the workforce that are on salaries, that usually means 5% or less.  Actually 5% is almost unheard of these days.  Some companies - especially larger ones - give 2% or lower.  You get to the point where you are complaining about getting either 1.25% or 1.10%.  Nevertheless, these raises that people complain about really don't amount to much - at least when you compare them to what kind of raise YOU can give YOURSELF.

I'm not talking about living poor or selling that house or car.  I'm not talking about lowering your quality of life.  In fact, your quality of life can get a lot better.  What kind of raise am I talking about?  Am I talking about using coupons to buy things?  Am I talking about being smart with credit cards and taking advantage of cash back and point rewards perks?  Am I talking about belonging to clubs and memberships of services you already buy?  Am I talking about manipulating the products you buy and eliminating the ones you don't use?  Am I talking about never paying full price for gasoline again?  Am I talking about using gift cards to their maximum?  Am I talking about changing your idea of what money really is?  No.  I'm talking about all of these and more to create a raise that no employer can match ever.


People rarely use them and in fact billions of dollars of coupons go unused and trashed every year.  I don't mean to become a coupon mom and dedicate your valuable time weekly on buying garbage you really don't need.  I mean just be aware of which one are available to what you already like to buy.  You have a favorite fast food joint?  Well the odds are that that place has coupons that you are NOT using.

Credit Cards

Without going into too much detail, I am willing to bet you are nowhere close to maximizing the purchasing power of credit cards.  There are 3 classes of users - those that pay the credit card company, those that break even, and those that have the credit card companies pay THEM.  Be the third kind and more.  There are many ways to get free airline trips, opening and closing cards to build up miles, and using credit cards that benefit your current purchases like gas, groceries, and restaurants.


Many people are so unaware of what kind of memberships exist that it is sad.  People must like buying retail everything.  There are too many to list but look around at the big picture of what you buy and see if there is a membership or club that you can pay a fee for in order to get bigger discounts later.

Changing Services

Do you really need 200+ channels on TV?  Seriously?  You can't figure out a better way to use your valuable time?  With the internet and so many options, you can easily turn that $150+ cable bill into $20 or less a month by using a streaming service and a few rentals a month.  If you want sports, news, and shows, have YOU been on the internet lately?

Bottom Line

People whine about raises or the lack of one.  But if you really focus on where your money is going, you can easily create the ultimate trend only dreamers imagine.  Imagine a life where you wind up making more and more money annually while spending less and less.  You want to talk about compounding interest?  Well think giving yourself a raise as something even better.


Happy 4th of July Weekend!

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#1) On July 05, 2013 at 8:48 AM, ThisIsFor2053 (30.25) wrote:



Especially the credit card one.  I pay my credit card off completely every month, so i've never in my life paid a fee to the credit card company.  I open new cards all the time as I get offers in the mail.  Last year I got 40,000 miles on a chase sapphire preferred card, which i took as a FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR statement credit.  I'm about to cancel it before the year is over so that I don't have to pay an annual fee (the first year was free).

This year, I earned 30,000 miles on an American Express card, which I was able to use for a FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR travel credit.  It paid for half of my flight to the UK!

I'm playing the system as well as anybody, and I'm willing to bet credit card companies STILL come out on top simply based on the fee they receive for each payment I make.

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#2) On July 05, 2013 at 9:01 AM, mikecart1 (75.48) wrote:


In the words of my childhood hero Jim Cramer, "You Got Horse Sense!"  LOL.  But yeah I talked to coworkers about these deals and it surprised me that many are unaware of the possibilities.  I have built up enough points to fly around the world for next to nothing and didn't need to spend the tens of thousands of dollars the outsiders believe you need to spend.

Chase and AMEX especially offer these deals all the time.  It just takes some organization and dedication to play the game in your favor.  Don't feel bad for the credit card companies.  Over 80% of their users gladly pay the monthly interest which just adds to the company's bottom lines.  Be one of the few to maximize these rewards. 

If you are afraid you can't spend the $2000-5000 minimum in the time period required to be rewarded with these miles in time, get something you will need in the future.  Sometimes you can get a grocery store gift card.  I mean we all need food right?  Also people would be surprised how quickly they spend when you factor in gas, food, bills, and surprising charges like car fixes and appliances.

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#3) On July 11, 2013 at 11:08 PM, gamemily (< 20) wrote:

Design of artificial intelligence must read
[1 paradox]Why 0.999... is not equal to 1?
Written in 2012
The current mathematic theory tells us, 1>0.9, 1>0.99, 1>0.999, ..., but at last it says 1=0.999..., a negation of itself (Proof 0.999... =1: 1/9=0.111..., 1/9x9=1, 0.111...x9=0.999..., so 1=0.999...). So it is totally a paradox, name it as 【1 paradox】. You see this is a mathematic problem at first, actually it is a philosophic problem. Then we can resolve it. Because math is a incomplete theory, only philosophy could be a complete one. The answer is that 0.999... is not equal to 1. Because of these reasons:
1. The infinite world and finite world.
We live in one world but made up of two parts: the infinite part and the finite part. But we develop our mathematic system based on the finite part, because we never entered into the infinite part. Your attention, God is in it.
0.999... is a number in the infinite world, but 1 is a number in the finite world. For example, 1 represents an apple. But then 0.999...? We don't know. That is to say, we can't use a number in the infinite world to plus a number in the finite world. For example, an apple plus an apple, we say it is 1+1=2, we get two apples, but if it is an apple plus a banana, we only can say we get two fruits. The key problem is we don't know what is 0.999..., we can get nothing. So we can't  say 9+0.999...=9.999... or 10, etc.
We can use "infinite world" and "finite world" to resolve some of zeno's paradox, too.
2. lim0.999...=1, not 0.999...=1.
3.The indeterminate principle.
Because of the indeterminate principle, 1/9 is not equal to 0.111....
For example, cut an apple into nine equal parts, then every part of it is 1/9. But if you use different measure tools to measure the volume of every part, it is indeterminate. That is to say, you may find the volume could not exactly be 0.111..., but it would be 0.123, 0.1142, or 0.11425, etc. 
Now we end a biggest mathematical crisis. But most important is this standpoint tells us, our world is only a sample from a sample space. When you realized this, and that the current probability theory is wrong, when you find the Meta-sample-space, you would be able to create a real AI-system. It will indicate that there must be one God-system in the system, which is the controller. Look our world, there must be one God, as for us, only some robots. Maybe we are in a God's game, WHO KNOWS?
More infos, download txt files from:(1)

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