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GM Bonuses and PUJOLS



February 15, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GM , F

Today is going to be somewhat of a rant.

 GM is giving Bonuses to their employees. That's great. Who doesn't love a good bonus and it is nice to see it going to all levels. However, as a tax-payer (we basically all are) who bailed GM out and DID NOT get repaid in FULL. This is nuts. This is a transfer payment from the tax payers to GM. Remember Ford didn't get tax payer money and they aren't paying bonuses to their employees with BORROW MONEY. Guess it isn't really borrowed when someone isn't paying you back.


 Not only did Taxpayers save this company and these jobs of these employees, they don't repay the taxpayer in full and dole out a bonus. Why hasn't someone stood up and screamed!

 At least most of the financial companies (besides AIG) have paid back and the tax payer has even made a nice sum of money. We can debate all day long that most of these finance companies made bets on the mortgage sector by hedging that the government would bail them out (They were correct), but we still made some money and the United States is still one of the best of breed in an overleveraged world. I am very proud to be an American and we do have our problems (that will probably be fixed) we are not leveraged like our friends across the pond in Europe. The other great thing is China is in no hurry to make the Yuan a reserve currency, so we can keep making interest payments by turning on a printing press. Not saying this is a good thing, but we do have this capability. Americans should be hopeful for the future. We do have huge problems to fix, but we are still the number one country in the world and have an extremely innovative and hardworking bunch of dedicated people.

  Albert Pujols made his deadline to sign by Wednesday (Feb 16th) at noon.

 My perspective, who cares? Another overpaid athlete that the American population is spending too much time caring about. The guy swings wood stick slightly better then the rest and gets paid a huge sum of money. Why is our social norms so screwed up? Why don't we offer 200 Million for a cure for breast cancer or another life threating disease. We all go to work and put in our time and effort and we will never see this kind of money.

 Let's keep this in perspective. Let's take back this great country and get back to work and teach our children and grand children the value of education and financial independance. Let's stop worrying about a guy shooting a ball or swinging a stick. Let's develop another iPhone, electric car engine, bio fuel or anything that makes everyone better off.

 That's the key to winning.

 Thanks for reading and feel free to bash me with any comments. 

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