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Gold's Luster Effect on Ghoser



May 11, 2009 – Comments (0)

As many of you know, the Institute of Alstrynomics developed techno trance spector vector analysis as an alternate to traditional technical analysis.  At around 7200 a massive convex reflector formation developed with a 300 point physical silver layer backing the formation.

The Convex Reflector is the formation most effective against forward movements, in either direction, of those slimy buggers, the spector vectors.  The spector vectors are translucent in nature and quick moving, and thus have the capacity to slime the unsuspecting.....including Alstry.

The head of the spector vectors is Ghoser, generally, where Ghoser goes, the rest are sure to follow.  Ghoser is the strongest vector and can circumvent the reversal effects of the Convex Reflector.....however, after breaking through the 7500 mark, a physical gold layer formed behind the physical silver layer on the convex reflector taking it to 8400 where the reversal effect is the strongest.

Based on readings on the fictional photon spectrometer, it was clear Ghoser's forward moving strength was weakening as he approached 8400.  However, despite his dramatically diminshed directional drive, he was still able to breach the 8400 accomplishment never documented in Spector Vector history and now Ghoser has been elevated to a cult hero among his slime inducing peers.

But don't discount the Convex Reflector's reversal powers just yet.....because as many of you know who have actually seen a gold bar, unlike has a luster effect which makes it glow far beyond the limitations of the physical metal.  This luster effect can have an even more intoxicating influence than actually holding the metal such, people and spector vectors can become disorientated by the luster and not see clearly due to the luster effect.

As the luster effect applies to the Massive Convex Reflector Formation, it can disorienate Ghoser all the way up to 9000....2/3 furtehr than the reversal effect of the metal itself......but since the readings on the photon spectrometer are so low right now....few believe Ghoser can make it anywhere close to the luster limitations and his buddies are preparing the party around 5000 right now.

For those of you that have given their mate a big chunck of gold, you know how the luster effect can turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary event.......and this time will likely be no different with Ghoser....we will just have to see what happens right here right now!

The crowds are cheering....Right Here...Right Now!!!!!

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