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Good Grief



June 21, 2010 – Comments (2)

Man I knew this was coming:

Some of my favorite snippets:

Requiring homeowners to provide documentation of income has turned people away from enrolling in the program.

Nah nah, I get that we have an unemployment issue.  In reading it it just makes it sound like, " order for you to get this loan we need to see if you have or make any money!"

Even after their loans are modified, many borrowers are simply stuck with too much debt -- from car loans to home equity loans to credit cards.

Thank you very much Cash for Clunkers, et al.

A short sale results in a less severe hit to a borrower's credit score, and is better for communities because homes are less likely to be vandalized or fall into disrepair. To encourage more of those sales, the Obama administration is giving $3,000 for moving expenses to homeowners who complete such a sale or agree to turn over the deed of the property to the lender.

First, a short sale should hit just as hard as a foreclosure.  There is no difference...this less likely to fall into disrepair business is a joke.  I just went through buying a house and short sales require just as much work.  Further, if they expect this short sale thing to work AT ALL, they had better speed up the process.  And by they I ultimately mean the banks as they are the ones that hold the whole thing up.

Fool on,


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