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alstry (< 20)

Good Morning Sheep



May 10, 2010 – Comments (2)

If it were only a casino, the odds would be better.

Spain loaning money to Greece?  Portugal guaranteeing Spain's debt?

Aren't all three of the above broke?

It becomes really fun when Money is essentially morphing into nothing more than paper being printed at the whim of bankers.

Unfortunately for the Sheep, they have to give up more and more of their lives for less and less buying power.  If you were a banker, you would be getting record bonuses and raises......but only few are bankers, and the rest are sheep.

But don't fret, you could run for office......lots of money being printed over there as well.......along with money losing public corporations.

The only problem is the money you worked a lifetime to save will soon be worth nothing.....and few who labor will be willing to accept it from those who get it simply by printing it.

The game has become nothing more than a anyone?

Remember what Donner said....never buy insurance!

We are now in the bi polor manic depressive schitzophrenic computer driven cycle of  the market....enjoy the may I suggest Vegas, it is a lot more fun.

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