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Good sources for shorts



January 25, 2007 – Comments (0)

1. My own shorts that are losing: I would avoid RIM and ADBE, which are basically good companies, just overvalued. Same goes for GOOG. For most of the others, the story is intact, and the price (now higher) makes a new short an even more interesting prospect.

2. Same goes for other players' losing shorts. The problem is, most of these shorts are (a) not with real money, and (b) not necessarily very carefully thought out. Shorting ethanol or fuel cells is likely to work out well, but doing it with real $ requires more than just a gut feel. You wd want to make sure there was not something actually OK about some of these companies, like tons of cash, or other businesses, or (perish the thought) some real prospect of making money in the future.

3. Herb Greenberg. As with anyone, he has ideas that should be taken with a grain of salt, that seem almost more justified based on spite or a hunch, eg. Fairfax or Apple. Others, such as two that I just added to my CAPS list, Polaris and Krispy Kreme, seem like good candidates for being real dogs. As always, they wd require more work to make them real shorts, but given the cost of failure with CAPS, it's easy enough to throw them in there as 'pre-shorts'.

4. Others like Greenberg who regularly post new info? Like who?

Any suggestions welcome, this post is mostly for myself but I would welcome feedback.


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