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Google Maps for Windows Mobile (snicker)



January 24, 2008 – Comments (0)

Wow, when I first got my samsung blackjack, I tried Google's maps application. It was clunky and not so great, but workable. I much prefer Windows slick "Live Search" for mobile, which has been constantly updated, and now includes a killer feature: just speak your info and it gets it (nearly all of the time, in my experience.)

But being a Geek, after the big todo about "location based" maps apps on a certain company's phone, I figured I'd try the Google version designed for Windows mobile. Imagine my surprise when I loaded it and it simply didn't work. "Needs a data connection," is all it tells me. Sorry, Google, but I'm running on high speed 3G, something the MSFT search figures out just fine.

Big Goo is anything but perfect. Good thing they made a deal with some folks to get a monopoly on the phone search. They might not be able to handle the competition, otherwise.

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