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Google: Retch First, then Giggle



June 03, 2008 – Comments (0)

Google is so full of itself it's amazing. Anyone remember what the San Fran folks were doing in the South Park "smug" episode? I think there's a lot of that kind of un-self-aware sniffing in this little story:

Google's announcement of a service to "make the Web more social" was decidedly casual, or staged to seem that way.

Standing beside a campfire, lawn chairs and toasted marshmallows, engineering director David Glazer explained how, through an agreement with Facebook and similar sites, Google's effort would serve a primal human need.

"We all like huddling around fires, and huddling around food and talking to each other -- people are social," Glazer, dressed in a red-checked shirt and sneakers, told about 100 attendees gathered outside the company's headquarters last month. "With 'Friend Connect' we are trying to make that happen everywhere on the Web."

What happened next is more interesting. Facebook, waking up and realizing that what Google was actually trying to do was steal the value of its business, gave Google the proverbial finger. They claimed they pulled out because of privacy concerns. Yeah, sure. This from the knucklehead in Adidas flipflops who previously told us the way of the future was going to be Facebook's spying on our online shopping habits and alerting our "networks" about those extra-large, used skivvies we just got on eBay.

Google, of course, is the master of leeching off everyone else's work for money and credit. You create it. You post it. Google points people toward it and takes the cash. Great biz, which is handy since Google's attempts to diversify are such major failures.

Anyway, it seems some of the folks on the web are finally waking up and realizing that they don't need Google -- Google needs them. What would happen to the mighty Goog if everyone suddenly gave it the e-finger at once?

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