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Google's Getting Poached!



March 01, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GOOGL , MSFT , EXPE

It’s been a bumpy ride for Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) since the internet giant’s January announcement to no longer concede to Chinese censorship demands.  After a verbal mêlée ensued that included the Chinese government, the U.S. state department, and Google, business has been anything but normal.  

Google says that it still wants to operate in China -- after all, it’s still trying to fill roughly 40 positions in its Beijing office. A spokesperson for the company has said that the “firm is hoping to find a solution with the government”.  

But the mixed signals that the company has been sending has given vultures the go ahead in a mad dash to poach Google’s highly coveted engineers and tech officers. Already, U.S. companies like Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) and Expedia (Nasdaq:EXPE) have tried to lure employees away, and Chinese companies have begun to do the same. It’s a lot easier now that workers don’t have such a secure job future to get them to consider working elsewhere. According to an HR consultant for Beijing-based recruitment firm Finder Hunter, they’ve been able to snag “several” Google employees within the last few months.  

It seems to me that Google has to make up its mind. It’s trying to reassure workers that it’s in China for good -- but actions certainly speak louder than words. Until the company reconciles with the government and comes to an understanding regarding censorship, a serious brain drain is bound to occur -- and Google risks losing its most prized possessions: its employees.   

What are the odds that Google stays in China? Would you stay with the company? Fools, weigh in!

-Jordan (TMFPhillyDot)

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#1) On March 01, 2010 at 3:06 PM, angusthermopylae (38.87) wrote:

My halfway-around-the-world opinion is that Google is going to stay; otherwise they would have stomped out immediately.

But you are right: This pussy-footing around (probably because of demands, assurances, and recriminations behind closed doors) is almost definitely going to do some lasting damage--if nothing else than to the overall growth and relationship.

Still haven't heard a version of the story that makes any real sense:  China (gov't) did it--wait, they didn't.  A school did...but then they say they didn't.  Google is leaving...but actually hasn't.

Lots more to the story.  Keep it coming!

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#2) On March 08, 2010 at 11:02 AM, eyegy (< 20) wrote:

Does Google need China more than China needs Google?

 China does things their own way and bows to no one. Google either leaves out of principle and gives up the big bucks or gives in to China like everybody else.

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