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GooTube Soiled by its Own Mess



April 10, 2007 – Comments (0)

Original here.

A tasty morsel:

So, on a day when I've already commented on one brand of conspicuous Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) non-evil, and an overblown reputation for innovation (when acquisition has been the theme), I'm back for a quick second helping.

Riddle me this, Google fans. Why do you suppose Viacom (NYSE: VIA) went with Yahoo! (NYSE: YHOO) for this major online advertising deal?

Think it could have had anything to do with Big Goo's habit of playing hardball with GooTube copyright infringement? By dragging its feet on copyright protection (by allegedly withholding that protection unless Viacom signed an extortionist's bargain), Google not only got itself sued, but it's talked itself right out of the running to do more business with one of the biggest media companies on the planet.

I'm sure the folks at Yahoo! are giggling at Google, but this really isn't much of a laughing matter. People use GooTube precisely because they can find whatever they want -- regardless of the fact that much of what's there is in violation of someone else's copyright. And now we're seeing what a major liability that can be...


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