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Growth predicted in Biomaterials



July 08, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: KNSY.DL

On Barchart Portfolio Blogs I bring to your attention stocks you might want to consider for your portfolio.

Kensey Nash Corporation (KNSY) designs, develops, manufactures, and processes proprietary biomaterials products for the orthopedics, cardiology,drug/biologics delivery and wound care markets. The company also is involved with cardiovascular medical technology, specifically, arterial revascularization and puncture closure devices. The company intends to leverage its proprietary knowledge and expertise to develop new products and technologies and to explore additional applications for its products.

In the last 30 days this stock has appreciated 14.71% with 15 new highs in the last 20 trading sessions. On Barchart 12 of the 13 technical indicators have buys for a 96% technical buy signal. The stocks trades at 24.10 with a 50 day moving average of 22.87.

Wall Street brokerages are recommending this stock to their clients with 4 buy and a hold report published. Sales are expected to increase 4.00% next year and earnings are expected to increase by 5.80% also. The big news is analysts are predicting a 15.00% 5 year compounded EPS growth rate.

Investors are beginning to follow this stock with CAPS members on Motley Fool voting 44 to 10 that the stock will beat the market and the more experienced All Stars agree 16 to 6.

There have been 3 recent articles on KNSY and all have been positive.

I'm adding Kensey Nash (KNSY) to the New High portfolio because:
1 - The stock has enjoyed a recent 14.71% price increase in the last month

2 -  Barchart has a 96% technical buy signal

3 - Wall Street is recommending this stock to their clients based on double digit EPS 5 year growth projections

4 - Positive investor sentiment

Jim Van Meerten is an investor who writes on investing here and on Barchart Portfolio Blogs. Please leave a comment below or email

Disclosure: No positions in the stock mentioned at the time of publication

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