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GSK poised for 2007 - get it now!



January 19, 2007 – Comments (0)

Today I made the argument today for GSK being poised for growth in 2007.


I own and like GSK very much. To expound, I think 2007 will be more a news driven year than strict financials in terms of driving stock appreciation. 2207 may well provide some nice opportunities to add or open positions. Given extra space, I would have given more emphasis to the aggressive partnership signing that GSK has been doing over the past couple of years. I consider them one of the few 'untouchable' core holdings in my accounts. Mention should have perhaps been made of the $3B US tax obligation monkey that should now be off GSK's back.

Now, since this is a space for self-commentary and aggrandization (look it up), I must say I got a good kick out of the rec count on the articles pimping the 'best drug stocks for 2007'. By the way, I like the article rec feature, if only just to acknowledge that I am being read.

Momenta - 9

Genentech - 25 (you want genentech, find a way to buy Roche)

Endo - 8

Forest Laboratories - 12

Pfizer - 49 (wow, the IV crowd does support it's babies)

GSK - 10

Heck, Charly got 21 for just the intro article - LOL

I expect the winner of the contest is pretty clear without needing to go to CAPS. I will look over the next couple of days to see whether I did convince some to add GSK as a long term holding to their CAPS ports, even just a couple will give me smile. CAPS does include dividends now, so they should be adding GSK.

I guess I was disappointed that more companies weren't covered (JNJ, Novartis, Barr, Teva), but also do appreciate being asked to throw my opinion into the ring.

Ralph (Zz)

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