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>sniffle< I miss bbqchickenrobot...



February 02, 2007 – Comments (6)

Alas, bbqcrb, we knew ye all too short a time.

You came, (http://caps....603801417887)

you pumped Conversion Solutions (

then you disappeared, along with about 95% of the CSHD equity value, when the SEC finally came down on the blatantly fraudulent-looking scheme hatched by our nearly literate friend, Rufus Paul Harris.



Here's a real head scratcher. How is CSHD stock even worth $90-some million today?

Personally, I like to think that bbqchrbt WAS Mr. Harris, but I don't think we'll ever know.

You may have made one of the worst-ever single-stock calls in caps, BBQcrbt, but some of us appreciated your vigor!


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#1) On February 02, 2007 at 2:02 PM, Steve819 (93.39) wrote:

Definately one for the ages.

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#2) On February 02, 2007 at 3:10 PM, ValueIsValuable (92.12) wrote:

And the name bbqchickenrobot *is* pretty darn amusing, all by itself. Is it a robot made of a chicken, or a chicken that is a robot? I don't know!

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#3) On February 05, 2007 at 3:42 PM, bbqchickenrobot (< 20) wrote:

Ha! I'm here - and excuse me sir, but I am not RPH... I am a new investor. And I happened to believe in the stock legitimately. Why is anyone who supports a stock a pumper? lol. Typical.... And it WAS and still may be a good stock. It went from $0.12 to $4.00. If you invested in that stock in the right places, when it hit $4 you IN THE VERY LEAST should have taken profits - or at least, recovered your initial investment (with relative ease and deft thought). I don't see how this was a bad investment for me? Maybe for you or others who didn't go by the book... It's only bad if you held your initial investment in the position due to greediness and now you are down 10's to hundreds of percentage points. Which, by no means, was me. lol.

Anyhow, the stock still isn't over, no scam has been proved (yet - remember innocent UNTIL proven guilty) and the SEC is pretty quick to drop the hammer on scams. It's a waiting game. Here's a thought TMFBent.... I made money on this stock, did you? I still stand to make even more money if the 6 to 1 split/reset hits (which according to RPH and/or John Arlitt, it will). If it only hit's a minimum of $1 - I will have have made a profit of ten times my initial investment (and keep in mind, this is after already pulling out my initial investment. lol. Please, tell me again how I went wrong? But, on a lighter note... I'm happy you missed me :)

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#4) On February 05, 2007 at 3:43 PM, bbqchickenrobot (< 20) wrote:

P.S. - Steve819, quit being a follower. Be a leader. Get out there and be somebody, i know you can do it.

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#5) On February 05, 2007 at 6:46 PM, bbqchickenrobot (< 20) wrote:

P.S. - Steve819, quit being a follower. Be a leader. Get out there and be somebody, i know you can do it.

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#6) On February 06, 2007 at 1:01 PM, TMFBent (99.47) wrote:

Wow, glad you're still here, BBQrobot. I implore you to think a bit more critically. Do you actually believe all the garbage RPH spewed? Do you really think there's ANYTHING to this stock other than a promotion and a pile of gullible holders?

If so, please let us know exactly how you think this company will make money, because as far as any of us can see, it has no real business plan other than claiming that it's going to fund other businesses. Given the fact that the main operators have trouble writing in complete sentences, most of us doubt it.

If you believe in this company and somehow made money in this stock, it's important that you realize one thing: it was luck. No shame there. We've all been lucky. But people who confuse being lucky with being right don't last long in this game.

Glad to have you back. Please let us all know what else your looking at. We may be able to help you avoid investing in another pile of trash like Conversion Solutions.


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