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Varchild2008 (84.54)

Guitar Hero 5 outsells Beatles Rock Band in the U.K.



September 14, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

Wow!  Or should I say....W.O.W.!   Guitar Hero 5 outselling Beatles Rock Band in the U.K.

Quite ironic considering the Beatles are Brittish... I think...   I guess this once again shows that INNOVATION is KING!   Guitar Hero 5 chose the path of innovation while Rock Band banked on nailing a high quality celebrity.

Ok.. well... Temper your excitement though as this does shock the heck out of me some... No one is talking about Guitar Hero 5 in my work place..much if at all... They are all talking about Beatles Rock Band....

Granted.. my work place doesn't mean a thing....  But the sales we have on Chart Track are just U.K. sales... They are not North America sales....  We won't get those sales till October.

However, U.K. sales carry a significant weight for (ATVI) and I was already in hyper pessmistic mode with Guitar Hero 5 sales due in part to the Kurt Cobain issue... Turns out that having Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5 has made the video game MORE POPULAR than Rock Band having The Beatles.

Uhm... which is kinda funny....  Grunge  beats Rock?    

I wonder if Courtney Love is spending her Guitar Hero 5 checks to purchase Beatles Rock Band.

Ultimately... it is about the FANS... NIRVANA.   You can protest Kurt Cobain's image in the video game all you want... but your FANS that love both NIRVANA and GUITAR HERO aren't going to be protesting Kurt's image along with you... They will be happily enjoying the fact that Kurt is in the game.  And that potentially means more $$$$ sales of Nirvana Merchandise in the future...

Guitar Hero 5 is a PLUS to any band that decides to put their image and music in the game. 
Why on Earth protest against the *unknown*  as everyone assumes Kurt would object if he were alive?  Would he really?  maybe initially... but I don't think Kurt would want to be left out in the end and he'd probably warm up to the idea....but he would want to make sure it's done HIS way...

Just as Kurt made sure his Music Video of "Teen Spirit" was done to his approval and co-management of the process.  Kurt wouldn't abandon GUITAR HERO 5  just *cause* of some philosophical.... I don't want to be Mainstream.....type attitude.....  He would simply manage the process and ultimately... if Kurt were alive today.. Guitar Hero 5 would still have KURT in the game... But it would be far better in whatever way Kurt would take it.

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#1) On September 14, 2009 at 5:11 PM, Varchild2008 (84.54) wrote:

*oops*  Forgot to cite the source:

The article is one of their front page articles..right hand column, yellow hyperlinked text.

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