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Hallelujah!! It is posted and I believe!!



October 26, 2007 – Comments (0)

I was feeling remorseful this morning. I was feeling badly about my response to Kitsapbabes post about universal healthcare. I had pointed out that his/her/its statistics were ridiculously exagerated and that the conclusion in favor of Private Health Care was therefore faulty. I pointed out that anyone who needed to exaggerate statistics did not believe their own argument. And my statistics are correct. What made me remorseful was the tone of my post. I was angry and suggested lying was going on. Not an honest mistake, but deliberate lying. And I know accusations of lying like that can slow the honest exchange of ideas. My post had correct information. My post had links to my sources. My post received only one rec. Kitsapbabes post was factually incorrect and received 6 recs. Perhaps the Fool community did not approve of the tone of my post. In retrospect I do not either. But at least one Fool approved of my post. So I will try again.

Today the entity known as Kitsapbabe posted again. Kitsapbabe came out against regulations requiring childproof safety caps. Kitsapbabe writes According to the book Rational Risk Policy by Harvard professor Kip Viscusi, the facts don’t bear it out. From the data, it appears that there has been no significant change in poisonings from the products that are now required to have safety caps. Feeling apologetic from previous post I thought "I don't know anything about that" and maybe I should post something to be less discouraging. And then Kitsapbabe posts However, there has been a significant increase in poisonings among still unregulated products. It seems that parents relaxed their vigilance after the government rules went into effect. Riskier behavior is a familiar and reliable consequence of providing a safety net. And I think to myself "I would not expect that to be true". And then we get And it leads us down a dangerous path, as I suspect that even in the face of the data that these measures are ineffective, many would probably react by suggesting that we haven’t gone far enough, that the government should just regulate more products, because that is the cult of belief that we live in Which warns us all not to suggest more regulations because of "dangerous paths" and besides only religous fanatics (cults) would argue the conclusions based on these facts. Also it suddenly casts a wider net warning of regulations on more products.It is no longer an argument specific about bottle caps. So that sends up some red flags for me. B.S. the flags say. So i ask myself, "self, how hard would it be to check these facts? I have a laptop". So googling I go. And in two minutes I find this from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. I did not read Harvard Professor Kip Viscusi's book, but this seems to be pretty strong evidence that regulations requiring Child Safety Caps are pretty effective. As of this posting Kitsapbabes post has 6 Recs. Will this post with a link to evidence that Child safety Cap regulations are effective get more than 6? This fool wants to know.

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