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Handling a Heated Market Haiku



August 05, 2013 – Comments (0)

Board: SA Community Page

Author: CaptainHaiku

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How are you handling this heated market

We forgot to check
The market today; the sun
Was so warm, so high.

White clouds in blue sky,
The creek so low -- concretions,
Fossils, everywhere.

You hammer and strike
And – lo! – the concretion splits
And there is wonder.

A fossil, treasure,
Waiting three hundred million years
For us to find it.

A different world calls,
A planet no longer here,
Gives us a memory.

There is a risk that
Tomorrow we will forget
To check the market.

Jupiter rises
Early these days, and wakes us
With its distant light.

Coffee and bacon
At four A.M., douse the fire,
Canoes at sunrise.

The river calls, and
In answering, we may fail
to check the market.

Fifty years from now,
We will remember gliding
Under Jupiter.

And the crack of the
Beaver’s tail, impossibly
Loud, a rifle shot.

We will remember
the silver glint of thousands,
smelt, minnows, darters.

We will remember
The treasures from distant times
The ancient fossils.

Sadly, we will not
Remember the market state
Day by day by day.

Every other week,
Come rain, shine or recession,
We buy what we can.

This does not vary
With the state of the market
Or phase of the moon.

Four shares of Whole Foods,
Or a few of Berkshire-H,
Best Buys here or there.

We trust D and T,
And the SA Team, and just
Accumulate shares.

A catastrophe?
We have our cash reserves and
We have family.

And we have great stocks,
Pieces of great companies
That we build o’er time.

And tho’ we cannot
Tell you how the market fares,
We have seen a moose.

We have heard the loon
And spied the fisher in the trees,
Graceful beyond grace.

We have seen a glimpse
Of an ancient, alien world,
Calling across time.

But we are remiss
In failing to think about
This heated market.

Martha and Victoria
Captain Haiku 

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