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Happy Easter and so forth...



April 12, 2009 – Comments (0)

I know this is probably not the place for a whole lot or religious zeal or family sentiment, but it is Easter.  So, I will simply say Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday, whether for religious beliefs or for the long eared critter that reportedly brings treats to you and your children.  For me and my family, we do celebrate it, but the celebration is more for the kids than anything else. While the kids gorge themselves on the plethora of sugar filled treats and enjoy the other little toys that found their way into the Easter baskets, I find myself contemplating my financial future and the significance my security holds for my children.  For if I am able to remain financially stable and teach them how to do the same, then their future stands a better chance of surviving all of the economic doom and gloom that seems to have taken hold.

I know things are no where near rosy out in the world.  I think that we are no where closer to an economic recovery than we were yesterday or the day before.  I do know that a great many folks out there are doing their best to figure out ways to get the world on a path to economic recovery.  But every time I see a glimmer of hope appear in the media, there is always more doom and gloom pulled out of the closet.  Wells Fargo reports a much better than hoped for estimate of their earnings, and the world appears to rejoice.  The next day, I read a number of Blogs and stories that claim the banks are a great big evil and that we are all about to suffer some massive Ponzi scheme that was orchestrated by the banks and is being covered up by the Fed and Treasury (essentially the government).  Next, is going to be some report that both GM and Chrysler have figured out a way to make their businesses survive without government intervention and there will be some counter-story that decries that as false.

The one thing that comes to mind about this entire economic malady that appears to be a common theme throughout, is that much of the economic turmoil is not easily attached to one person, agency, entity, government, etc. for blame.  It is human nature that has caused this problem.  What aspect of human nature?  Greed.  The credit crisis (in all its forms) can easily be attributed to folks living well above their means facilitated by banks hoping to make a fortune on finance charges attached to the credit they extended so willingly to those who could not afford it.  In ride the regulator pundits that want to say its the government's fault for not regulating the system better in order to prevent the greedy humans in all parts of this problem from creating the problem to begin with.  I'd love to be able to say that there is some massive evil organization out there that has orchestrated this whole thing, but I'd be reaching.  Heck, I imagine there are all kinds of conspiracy theorists out there writing up good stories about who and how this whole economic morass came to be.  But I am certain it can and will be blamed by history on the greed of many.  It is unfortunate that no one can come out and say they are least in my estimation those that are without greed are far outnumbered by those who are infected with it.  Bottom line is that greed is to blame.

I know that I am, greedy that is.  I am greedy for a better way of life for myself and my family.  I am greedy for the better things that might be out there that I might be able to possess.  I am greedy in my pursuit of happiness and the American dream (whatever that might it is subject to interpretation).  But what I am not?  I am not sooo greedy that I would break the law to acquire any of the above.  I have been overextended before, but have taken great pains to meet my obligations and while I have been clearly frustrated by those who have extended me credit, I did not blame the creditors.  I took my lumps and paid my dues and then learned to not get overextended again.  But much like smoking, I have had to relearn that lesson from time to time.  By my learning and getting more educated every day, I hope to prevent my financial future from going into the toilet, and hoping that my hard learned lessons can be passed down to my children so that they do not have to relearn them.  My goal...not burden my children with my mistakes.

As one who pays his bills on time, has a mortgage that is now upside down thanks to the housing bubble bursting (but a mortgage that is current none-the-less), has a credit card or two (because I haven't finished paying them off yet), I find it appalling that the collective gets punished for the greed of the few or many, but I continue to pay my taxes so that I may enjoy the freedoms I have.  The freedom to make a post about the greed of many.  The freedom to celebrate my religious beliefs as I choose.  The freedom to make and lose whatever money I may in whatever fashion I am qualified.  The freedom to come to a nifty website like TMF and wish you all a Happy Easter and so forth... 

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