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Happy Fourth of July!



July 04, 2009 – Comments (1)

Really? You're reading this post on the 4th of July. As mom's across America would say, get off your computer and go outside and play!

Since entertainment is one of the sectors I follow, I don't feel too bad straying over to Hollwood for some Independence day movie suggestions:

Best bet: The Hangover -- I didn't find it quite as amazing as everyone else, but I really enjoyed it (despite a weak soundtrack). I walked out of the theater in a much better mood than when I walked in...feeling the dirty elation only Vegas can provide.  Bradley Cooper had his breakout role may remember him from his less likable role in Wedding Crashers.

Enjoyable: The Proposal -- This isn't Ryan Reynolds' best movie.  But it's an enjoyable, if mainstream, romcom diversion.  A better bet is renting the less successful Definitely, Maybe.

Guano: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -- For a good laugh, check out Michael Bay's directorial credits. I'm boycotting this sequel b/c I was so angry at what Bay did with the original.  It kills me that they do so well at the box office.  The better alternative -- rent the old cartoon had a plot, compelling action, only a minor human element, and Orson Welles!

Enjoy the July 4th weekend and we'll get back to talking stocks on Monday.

- Anand (who is heading west to West Virginia for a cookout that promises off duty cops, semi-legal fireworks, and moonshine...I kid you not...giddyup!)

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#1) On July 06, 2009 at 5:43 PM, TMFPhillyDot (33.40) wrote:

Completely agree on the critique of The Hangover -- an "Almost Famous" or possibly "Singles" esque Soundtrack would have been killer. Oh well. Still a great movie with an unbelievably ridiculous ending.

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