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Has America Become WW2 Germany?



February 01, 2013 – Comments (0)

The following article confirms something I have been saying since the day of the bailout:

The bailout was simply an MASSIVE entitlement payment for the rich....while the poor get scraps.  It was fascism plain and simple and a systemic injustice on a scale the world hasn't seen since WW2 or American Slavery before that....

Going forward, this fact will be revealed to the masses.  And as more listen, they will see the injustice in it.  They will realize that people with Freedom don't have it because they earned it, but because of a government entitlement payment much bigger than the one they got.

You can agree with it or disagree with it personally, it is the facts....and as more are told that government is WE THE PEOPLE, they will demand their FREEDOM too.

My guess is from the responses of my friends to my eMails, you and most Americans will not want to give it to them voluntarily.  That will cause tension as the Freedom they are begging for is in yours and others pockets.

With more and more people losing their Freedom these days because government and the bankers are taking it away, you can see where this is heading.  It is an amazing test of human character...and a game for them as bankers arbitrarily allocate freedom and then take it away.

If you think my screaming is disturbing, just wait until you see the face of a screaming mother whose child has just been killed.  We don't see it much here in America, but foreign nations show it on TV and newspapers all the time and it's a sight that really never leaves you.

Remember, most of you have do I.  What has happened to America is disgusting....but what has happened to its people is beyond I can only blame it on the Fluoride, for my own sanity.


PS:  Please read the article in the's short and he writes far better than I can

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