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gnulaw (50.33)

Hasta la Vista, Microsoft!



August 29, 2007 – Comments (0)

(august 29, 2007) (Somewhere in the Orion Spiral Arms)  Apple seems to be taking [significant] share away from msft/wintel platforms v. apple/xtel...the timing is serendipitous to say the least viz-a-viz Microsoft's Vista Mac releases...back to school...linux...all when the world's wintel mindset was/is at a tipping point to switch given said irreversibly priceless Vista blunders and simply pursuant to the theory of consumer choice and price elasticity of demand models viz-a-viz substitute products.

Accordingly, Industry pundits were/are anticipating the exodus to divert substantially to Linux but early figures seem to be overwhelmingly pointing to Apple... ...nice, Job(s)

/s/ (Field of d'Reams)

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