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Healthcare Politics III



November 01, 2008 – Comments (0)

Odd blog numbering systems aside, lets dip again into links from the New England Journa l of Medicine related to healthcare policy.  These too are worth a read.


Three “Inconvenient Truths” about Health Care

This starts with the 'scary' (Halloween pun) statistic related to the rise in healthcare expenditure vs. the overall economy and notes that can't continue much longer.  It notes that this is because medicine is indeed 'improving' and that cost cutting threatens continued improvement.  The final 'truth' relates to  universal health care and some economic realities of it.  Essentially the article notes that the current and proposed systems go out of the way to mislead consumers into believing they aren't paying for their care --  that isn't true but it seriously clouds the discussion.


The second article is:  Slowing the Growth of Health Care Costs —
Learning from International Experience

The main point here (and there are a few good ones) is that we need to alter the system to reward 'what works' over 'what was done'.  Pay per procedure is the norm, while pay for outcome makes better financial sense.




One more post tomorrow with an opinion or two (which I tried to avoid in past posts).



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