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July 03, 2007 – Comments (2)

Well, now I am trying rating stocks that don't have any stars yet.  Typically, maybe 2-4 players have rated these, so there certainly aren't any trends to go by.  Will my ratings drop like a rock?  Can I stand the suspense :-)?  These are even better learning tools then rating the one star stocks.  There are almost no comments, and often these are not very informative -- "dog" or "riding it all the way up."  So I am on my own and proud of it.   

I keep thinking about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and wondering to what extent it might apply to CAPS.  Are we influencing the outcome of the stocks we rate by rating the stocks? 

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#1) On July 04, 2007 at 1:19 PM, StockSpreadsheet (67.79) wrote:

I think you will really only influence the outcome of the stocks you rate if you also buy or short them, or cause other people to do so.  Of course, if the word gets out to Wall Street that there are a lot of CAPS players with a lot of opinions on stocks and their portfolios are beating the Wall Street money managers picks, maybe Wall Street will start poaching picks from top CAPS players to improve their results, which could have a BIG influence on the outcome of the stocks.

Happy 4th of July.


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#2) On July 04, 2007 at 4:58 PM, rd80 (94.72) wrote:

You'll certainly influence the star rating that gets assigned to the stocks once they've got enough picks, especially with a red thumb since TMF's algorithm seems to put more weight on negative picks.

I've also been sifting through some of the 'need more picks' stocks lately and having a bit of fun with it.

I suppose CAPS might have some impact on a thinly traded micro-cap, but it's hard to believe very many people would buy or sell a stock based soley on a CAPS rating/pitch.

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