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Helical Portfolio Performance to Date



November 03, 2014 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: CAH , ANTM , HNT.DL

I’m pleased that I got the monkey of ‘not blogging lately’ off my back and finally posted on the changes in the Helical Portfolio, my all healthcare invested Roth IRA.  The portfolio started 3-5/6 years ago with $50,173.96, and I have added another $16,500.  It has been a good past few years for investors.  When last I updated the performance through the end of March 2014, the portfolio stood at $99,876.44, and $6,500 was added in mid April.

The portfolio continues strong and ended October worth $117,872.17.  It was not entirely smooth in between, but not too lumpy.  The end of month number between the close of March and October were as follows:

Date                   Portfolio Value

  4/30/2014        $101,967.14

  5/31/2014        $105,388.61

  6/30/2014        $107,959.74

  7/31/2014        $108,791.57

  8/31/2014        $113,668.52

  9/30/2014        $112,481.02

10/31/2014        $117,832.17

Including the added money, the portfolio has grown by 134.8% since inception.  A comparable investment in S&P 500 tracker SPY (dividends reinvested) would have grown 114.5%.  The portfolio has a CAGR of 24.9% and IRR of 18.6%.  Well ahead of my stated goal of 8-10% annual returns (which needs rethinking as a more inflation benchmarked goal).   The CAGR and IRR for a comparable investment in SPY would be 22.0% and 15.5% respectively.  It is nice to beat the S&P, but that is secondary to my personal return goal.  The cash position at the end of October was $15,004.22 or 12.7% of the portfolio.  This is just a bit cautious, but near my ‘base allocation’ of ~10%.  I wouldn’t mind the cash position being a bit higher.

I struggle at times to accept risk in my investing, tending to favor larger cap, dividend paying, lower risk stalwarts.  As such I have a portfolio guideline of 1/3 in each of the 3 risk tiers, high, medium, and low.  My assessment (perception really) of a company’s risk level is entirely subjective (not measured or calculated) and includes both business risk and crude valuation.  At the end of October I had 35.1% in high risk holdings (FHCO, MR, BIIB, MRTX, EXETF, BCRX, GHDX, HNT); 27.1% in medium risk holdings (NVO, MCK, ICLR, WLP, CAH); and 37.8% in low risk holdings (Cash, ABBV, PRA, CVS, MDT). 



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#1) On November 04, 2014 at 9:08 AM, MKArch (99.76) wrote:

Good to see some old timers coming back and blogging again. Hopefully more follow.

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