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January 28, 2008 – Comments (6)

And to think the answer is so simple a bookseller could tell you. Look at the Stock Market and the ecomony.    Every time we went into a recession mimun wage was never raised. Sited labor cost ecept for the ceo cfo and what not. Then when they did finally get the raise ( with much moaning and groaning from Large corperations ) the ecomony and the Stock Market took off. Bussiness caused this problem because if you only give a 40 cent to 25 cent raise and gas goes up a 1.00 where do you think the money goes? The gas tank and not the stores, resturants, housing,tech,and what not. Who needs a stimules package that is one time and will take months and more government spending?  Raise min wage by $2.00 in 2 weeks and watch most of this go away. Except for housing. That will take a little while longer. It changes the Phycology of the market, makes the easing faster more targeted and it takes the straw off the camles back. Will President Bush and the Congress do this? NO...........They are MOSTLY ( not all but most ) for the corperations by the corperations and of the corperations and not the people.  You know; you and me the little people.  The Dems won't help do this because they want the increase to take effect next year and the year after so they will look good. That way they can take control of congress and the white house.  Then they will tell us how much they care about us and will take care of us and make us more dependent on them. All the while laughing to the bank. Great Power Play.The play is very good and right out of the book the Art Of War.  If all of our elected people in washington cut out the middle man and did what is right mimum wage increase then we could take care of ourselves.Oh yea we are the boss (or are we ) or are the Fortune 500 companies.  Washington playing games?   Never..... they wouldn't play potical war games with 300,000 plus million people would they?  Make up your own mind. For me I just save wha little I can I do need a pair of pants; one of my other 2 pair is so warn out after 4 years that I will have to replace one. That way I will have 2 pair again. Help needed here.   Are there any here made totaly in the good old US OF A? Well off the Good Will because Wal Mart is still to expensive at sale price of 14.99. Some day I hope I can afford new instead of used.  Can we still afford to let 12 to 24 million people stay and become U>S> citizens without making them stand in the back of the line?  I am confused about this if all of the jobs are being sent to their counrty instead of here then why do they want to come here?  Good Free  MEDICAL MAYBE. NO WONDER I CAN'T AFFORD A NEW PAIR OF PANTS ONLY USED. Rock ON.  I still wouldn't look good in a burka and thank god I don't live in a communist country. ALTHOUGH IT IS LOOKING MORE AND MORE LIKE THAT. TAKE CARE AND MAKE SOME MONEY AND SAVE IT TO GET YOU THROUGH THE LEAN TIMES. Lynda.

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#1) On January 29, 2008 at 3:38 PM, abitare (29.90) wrote:

Help? Help yourself.

Why not become more productive and EARN a raise instead of thinking the government can determine your value better then a business.

In case you have not noticed almost everything at WalMart is made in Asia. Why? THERE IS NO MINIMUM WAGE! YOU ARE PAID WHAT YOU ARE WORTH!  AND IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT THERE IS SOME ELSE IN LINE RIGHT BEHIND YOU! It is not going to change. Cessna is moving is manufacturing over to China, TVs, cars, ratios etc, etc, etc, are going to Asia. Why because the US government is over involved in creating rules, regulations and penalties for US businesses.

The US has become a nation with 70% consumption and 30% production. The US has been selling its assets and production for 20 years in order in order to consume. This is changing and the US dollar is in free fall. People, who believe the government can save them are going to learn the Wizard behind the curtain can do nothing. 

Nothing is free, everything has a cost in resources.

"Good Free  MEDICAL" does not exist. Santa Claus does not exist either.

The road to ruin and poverty is socialism and commumism. 

Here 39 mintues to get smart: 

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#2) On January 29, 2008 at 11:37 PM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

Hey Abitarecatania, You are so right but I think you missed my point. I did EARN my pay raise of  25 cents. How did I do this I exceed expectations . And yes if I don't like it there are people who are willing to do the job for half of what I make. Most of them are not  citizens of the united states. I guess my dry humor is hard to understand. Minimum wage is going up 1.00 next year and another 1.00 the next year. My point was that it is the way congress is doing this and the artful way the Dems are trying to finesse this power play to make us a more socialist and communist country. All I was saying we don't need a government   stimules package  and spend more money we don't have. If the Congress is going to raise minimun wage anyway do it now not later.                 The Dems won't help do this because they want the increase to take effect next year and the year after so they will look good. That way they can take control of congress and the white house.  Then they will tell us how much they care about us and will take care of us and make us more dependent on them. All the while laughing to the bank.   Great Power Play.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          You are also right about Asia they do not have a minimum  wage. People over there are willing to work for 79 cents an hour with no overtime. Business also use child labor.Their ceo's and cfo and what not also earn less than our ceo's and cfo's and what not. Can we say that is what we want for ourselves? Are you saying we should allow this to happen to you and me? Why not bring up and help the Asia people rise and be paid for their worth?                                                                                         As to wal mart and companies going over seas. I noticed this 1 year after Clinton sold this country to China with a nod and a wink from the very businesses you are supporting. I have no qualms about good fair business and I support them wholeheartedly. Now China is looking to outsource their labor to Vietnam because their labor is to high.                              Now,  why is the country is 70% consumption and 30% production?  I think it is because it is that we bought into what business wanted us to do. They wanted us to buy and buy a lot and not save. They told us that we need this and we deserve this. And so as a country we did. cheaper better newer disposal you can have it all. Spend yourself into debt it's ok you deserve the best you are worth it. Oh look at what the Jones have. You need more. This reminds me of the roaring 20's. As a country we bought into this again. Will we ever learn the lessons from history?                                                                                Next; yes I know that nothing is for free and yes someone has to pay for it. What I was referring  to is that if we don't secure our boarders that business want to keep open; then what do you think will happen to our country the dollar and business when we are attacked again? Go shopping as Pres. Bush said. I think not. Is the country strong enough to withstand this. Yes we are but not without a lot of pain and suffering. This will be the time we pull ourselves by the boot straps and get to the hard life changing work we will need to do. There are about 12  to 24 million non citizens in this country that are helping the very businesses you talk about. I was referring  to this group of people who get this medical service without paying for it. WHO pays for this?       You and I do.      I could go on disability and let someone else pay for my medical but I don't. I work for my insurance. How much lower would health care cost and insurance cost be if the businesses who employ these people offered insurance the same way my company does? 30% at least. The free market working at its best.  I have been saying this ever since Reagan wat elected and with every President after him.                                                                               If a business is run like ENRON I don't want anything to do with them.  Look how thier employees were treated and what happened to them.The share holders lost tons of money also.   When did the people who work for the companies stop being considered  part of the family and doing right for all and not just the owner and the bottom line?  Yes we need to get back to the constitution. I would also like to see a change in the values and care that we treat each other no matter what their job is. Each person should be treated with dignity and respect and not a usable disposable tool to reach their goal.  Things will start changing in the next 10 years because China is now charging companies a 25% corporate  rate tax. Why do you think Bush and corporation here are fighting so hard to get tax cuts made permanent.Once this is done I think we well see the jobs come back. One thing is a sure bet and that is          ( things will change.)  It allways does> Rock On. Lynda

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#3) On January 30, 2008 at 12:11 PM, abitare (29.90) wrote:


Good reply (long, but good) . We agree on several things. 

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#4) On January 30, 2008 at 5:40 PM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

Dear Aba, I just watched the video liked you asked. Afterwards I remember the 70's and 80's just the same way people are talking now. My question is on this 40 year cycle is will we repete the cycle or do something different? Maybe the poles will reverse or the rotation of the earth will reverse. That would give the world a new thing to focus on.( My dry sense of  humor.) I believe in the good of people to overcome. The bad will be taken out and the good will take over. Can you please find some information for me? Why in the 21 century do women in some country's  not be able vote?  Where have we dropped the ball and are there groups out there here in the states that help them. That might change the way other country's work and in so doing so the way we work. This I am very curious about. Thank you. ROCK ON. Lynda.

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#5) On February 01, 2008 at 7:41 AM, abitare (29.90) wrote:

Concur about the 70s and 80s.
A few new things:

During the 70-80s  70% of the worlds population
 was hiden behind the iron curtain and were relatively unproductive.  They did not produce products that could compete in the capitial markets.
Japan just started exporting cars etc... The US was dominating a lot of manufacturing / production. 

I will answer the vote question later. FYI- I have spent some time in the Middle East, despite the stereotypes, many women do not have it as bad as you might think. But basically, most women in the M.E. have a lot less to worry about then American women. The women are guarded, by the families and men. You would put your life at risk to be disrepectful, touch or even take a picture of a Muslim women. In DC 80% of children are born to single family households. That would NEVER happen in the Middle East.

I will try and explain it later. 

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#6) On February 01, 2008 at 10:51 AM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

I understand much about that I have a few friends who left there to become citizens. I hear their hopes and dreams. I also know that Kawait women were a great force in the war and that changed them in ways no one could immage. Different country's over there are as different as LA Cal. and bisbe arz and boston mass. I also know that it also depends on the sect of religion.Thank you for your help and insight. I look foward to what you have to say> ROCK ON. Lynda

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