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His Presence and Greatness Revealed Again



September 02, 2008 – Comments (0)

Thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster and praise His Sauce and Meatballs. His presence is revealed as he reaches out his Noodily Appendage. Let noone doubt the FSM or that lordz is touched as he speaks out to defend the Pirates Feathered Companion thusly and in bold:

"Now thirdly apparently some of you fools feel like putting more words and associating the LORD Z with somehow thinking that I am against wind power because some birds have died from getting cut down by flying near these farms. F king grow up people and stop making blatant unsubstantiated assumptions based upon an one sentence statement made about the ugliness of seeing birds get torn apart by wind blades.

Its also horrendous to see a large wingspanned bird get caught up in powerlines".

Clearly it is proof of the greatness of the FSM and importance of our great cause that lordz should again be inspired to speak out. Weary after posting 139 times in two months, lordz again answers the call.

"I wasn't going to comment or blog".

I am awed as more proof of the greatness of the FSM presents itself as lordz and I get religon and humor on the very same weekend.

"Otherwise I'll sick the noodle assassins on ya.

And place a voodoo curse on you"

And we will work together to heal the sick noodles.

And again lordz and I agree. I too am sick of hearing about Sarah Palins unborn grandchild as though some religion or goverment party thinks she has done something bad.

I am sure lordz will join me and be the first, before any other Fools, Pastafarians, or Fox news commentators in offering our congratulations to the entire Palin Family on their new addition, and hope their baby brings them as much happiness as my children have brought me.


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